SOLUTIONS 30 : 2014 Results


  • Significant increase in revenue and profitability
  • 2015 outlook: sustained profitable growth momentum

The Supervisory Board of SOLUTIONS 30 S.E convened under the chairmanship of Jean-Marie Descarpentries to examine and approve the FY 2014 consolidated financial statements closed on December 31, approved by the Executive Board[1].

Consolidated key figures:

€ in millions 2014 2013 Change
Revenue 111.7 94.2 +18.6%
Gross operating profit 10.0 6.5 +53.8%
Operating income[2] 8.7 6.0 +45.0%
Profit before tax and exceptional items [3] 7.8 5.7 +36.8%
Net income (group share) 4.0 2.1 +90.5%
Balance sheet (on December 31)      
Equity 19.0 15.0 +26.7%
Net financial debt 4 0.3  

Commenting on the earnings, Executive Board Director Gianbeppi Fortis declared the following: "After the intensive process of transforming acquisitions in France, Italy and Germany, our priority for the 2014 financial year was to improve the Group's operating profitability.
The fresh increase in the profitability of our operations this fiscal year, which exceeded the growth rate in our €110M revenue, validates the sustainability of our business model, and allows for the fast integration of acquisitions.
The outlook for 2015 is sound, as illustrated by two major events that took place early this year: the closing, with one of Europe's main infrastructure groups, of our largest contract to date to roll-out high-speed internet infrastructure in France (€90M over 5 years); and the launch, in Europe, of a recruitment plan to hire 400 "numerical engineers", of which 300 in France who will follow additional training within our own internal training school, PC 30 School. These events confirm our leadership position ambition in Europe in the provision of assistance to users of new digital technologies."


I - 18.6% year-on-year revenue growth in France and 51% internationally

For the full FY 2014, the consolidated revenue of SOLUTIONS 30 S.E., published on January 26, amounted to €111.7M, representing an 18.6% increase. The international activity (Italy, Benelux, Germany and Spain) increased by 51%, representing 27% of the total (21% in 2013).

Approximately 40% of the growth can be attributed to the acquisitions carried out by the group in 2013, with the rest resulting from the organic growth mainly linked to the expansion of the very high-speed internet market across Europe.

II - Further improvement in operating profitability

The Operating income before amortization of client relationships and goodwill increased by 45%, from €6.0M up to €8.7M, resulting from the tight management of operating expenses, with a relative weight on revenue which decreased by 1%.

Profit before tax and exceptional items and before amortization of goodwill amounts to €7.8M, a 37% increase. It accounts for 7.0% of the revenue, compared with 6.0% in 2013 and 5.3% in 2012.

The extraordinary result totals €(1.7)M, against €(1.3)M in 2013. It is mainly attributable to restructuring linked to acquisitions. The amortization of goodwill amounted to €1.2M in 2014 (€1.2M in 2013).

The net income (group share) is €4.0M, up by more than 90% compared with 2013.

III - Sound financial structure

On December 31 2014, the group's equity was €19.0M (€15.0M end-2013).

The group's net cash position was €5.2M (€5M end-2013), for a gross financial debt of €9.2M (€5.3M end-2013). The net financial debt totaled €4M, compared with €0.3M in 2013.

IV - Outlook                                                                                                            

For the full FY 2015, SOLUTIONS 30 confirms an improved profitability outlook compared with 2014.



Next key dates:

April 28 2015: 2015 Q1 Revenue

May 15 2015: General meeting of shareholders

[1] The audit procedures have been conducted. The certification report will be issued upon the completion of the required procedures for the needs of the annual financial report publication.

[2] Before amortization of client relationships and goodwill.

[3] Before amortization of goodwill.