CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Apr 20, 2015) - Ed Basler, a veteran entrepreneur and CEO of E.J. Basler Co. (, explores the practical side of a business education with his new book, "The Meat & Potatoes Guide to Business Survival: A Handbook for Non-MBA's & College Dropouts."

With a back-to-the-business-basics approach, the book outlines a hands-on, entrepreneurial roadmap to achieving the reader's business dreams -- regardless of educational background.

An entrepreneur with 40 years of experience, Basler serves up a healthy helping of sound business principles and practices to start a new business or to jumpstart a current one. Through failure and success, economic upturns and downturns, he shows readers how to be profitable using dedication, wisdom and hard work instead of degrees and book theories.

"The average college graduate today is entering the workforce with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, which will take them many years to pay off," Basler says. "Factor in the fact that necessary business skills evolve faster than the time it takes to earn a degree and the overall lack of preparation for the real world provided by college and the choice to save time and money is a no-brainer."

Many practical principles are explored in his business handbook, including how to develop a clear vision; find and incorporate good ideas to improve hiring and quality; run a lean, money-efficient operation; get more efficient using checklists and deadlines; improve customer service to generate referrals; and avoid small business landmines.

"Excellent book," writes Amazon reviewer Hayley, who gave the book five stars. "Some pretty basic principles that help to guide the young entrepreneur on the right track. Fast read. Well worth it."

About Ed Basler

Ed Basler is a longtime entrepreneur and CEO of E.J. Basler Co., which provides precision-machined parts and solutions to companies worldwide. He is a sought-after motivational speaker and president of Fresh Eyes Coaching, a firm that helps small businesses identify profit opportunities and obstacles. Ed and his wife, Cathi, also founded and ran a nationally recognized not-for-profit youth organization for 15 years.

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