PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - Apr 21, 2015) - Intuitive Marketing Strategies,, is thriving in 2015. Into the second quarter, many companies find themselves scraping by in hopes of surviving until the upswing that third and fourth quarters consistently promise. Successful CEO's often have to reinvent their strategies to attract new accounts, while upholding service quality to their existing clients. Smaller entrepreneurial companies are faster to innovate than big companies. Intuitive Marketing Strategies (I.M.S.), Inc., are one of Philadelphia's marketing firms that has mastered the balancing act between client acquisition and retention. 

As of mid-April, I.M.S. Inc. is proud to boast their double in market size as well as the portfolio of clients they have accumulated so far in 2015. President and CEO Maria Teruel attributes much of their growth to cross-training successful methods with focus on internal development. In an interview with Maria Teruel she comments, "To be honest we didn't anticipate landing these new contracts with such rapid growth expansion until third quarter. Our accomplishments really derive from our associates who have executed our rollouts efficiently and developed the right relationships with our clients. We have a new Market Manager, Evan Thomson, also collaborating with us because we've expanded beyond our resources within the firm. He has implemented some innovative strategies as well as maintained the equilibrium in our market territories."

When asked about her outlook for the second half of the year, Teruel expects to continue to drive the momentum in Philadelphia. "We have put our focus on the wants and needs of our clients' consumer. In doing so, by default we have created a thriving profit margin for our client accounts. Thompson and I have established a stronghold in Philadelphia and we intend to continue expansion in the northeast region and surrounding areas."

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