DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - Apr 21, 2015) -  Corvil, the network data analytics company for business in the Now™, today announces an alliance with Aequitas NEO Exchange (NEO Exchange), Canada's newest stock exchange, to provide data monitoring solutions throughout the NEO Exchange. NEO Exchange, using a bold new blueprint that puts investors, capital-raising companies and their dealers first, is working to level the playing field in the markets and bring fairness back into trading.

"With many of our customers, we see them come to us after they have already identified or experienced a network problem," says Donal Byrne, CEO of Corvil. "The NEO Exchange proactively determined a basic need for a network data analytics solution before even bringing a product to market and worked with Corvil for integration in the earliest stages of their development. This relationship shows continued support from the financial industry and expands our reach beyond the 90% of all equity stock trades we currently monitor."

The Corvil solution is able to continuously monitor all data distributed within the exchange and produce notifications at the precise moment of any inconsistencies, down to microsecond and even nanosecond timescales. Guaranteeing consistent transaction speeds is essential to help NEO Exchange achieve an operating environment where all participants receive a fair and equitable opportunity.

"Corvil is an established player within the global financial community," says Karl Ottywill, Chief Operating Officer at NEO Exchange. "Their network data monitoring solutions were fully integrated into our system when we launched on March 27th and play an important role in helping us monitor our operating environment." 

In addition to providing real-time visibility to the microsecond to exchanges like the NEO Exchange, Corvil also provides unrivaled network protection and insight to the world's largest financial organizations. This new addition solidifies Corvil's position as the global authority of network analytics.

Corvil's Giga+ software release, launched earlier this year, introduced a NPM industry first software-defined pricing model and increased flexibility designed to make Corvil dramatically easier to buy and scale out across the Enterprise. Corvil's customers now have the option to purchase software and hardware separately with hardware sold at cost. Giga+ also offers customers a choice of perpetual and subscription licenses which means both cost of purchasing and owning the analytics solution have dropped 40% or more. Corvil's power lies not only in its ability to transform network data into actionable insight, but also its innovative approach to network performance monitoring and diagnostics.

About Corvil
Corvil is the network data analytics company for business in the Now. The Corvil platform transforms network data into streaming intelligence to see, understand and act on business as it's happening. Corvil provides the full picture of customers, business and IT infrastructure all interacting together in real-time. It does this by making sense of the raw packet data streaming through the network, enriching it with analytics and making it accessible, searchable and consumable. Corvil is built to handle the low-latency, high-performance and big data analytics requirements for the world's most demanding real-time businesses. It is used to monitor over 50 petabytes of data and over $170 billion worth of transactions per day, and is trusted to provide real-time analytics that powers decision and action in the Now.

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