SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - Apr 21, 2015) - David Crantz and Cantor Capital Group are pleased to announce that they have entered into contract on a luxury hotel golf resort in Panama City, Florida, with a primary goal of revitalizing the property, improving the adjacent land values and helping to boost the local economy in the long term. Due to the nature of the contract stipulations, the parties involved are not disclosing the address at this time.

Mr. Crantz has a vision for the hotel golf resort that includes bringing in a new and experienced management team that will put a well-known flag on the property. A turnaround project, Crantz's vision involves revamping the entire property to feature a competition, world-class golf course with a 433-room luxury hotel that features onsite, gourmet restaurants.

"We are fond of acquiring this property because we strongly feel that it is being under appreciated in its present state," said David Crantz. "It has a wonderful turnaround potential that a keen eye and some wise investment can help to make it go from being an eyesore to contributing to the local economy in the form of tourist draw, increased land value and new job opportunities."

Cantor Capital Group has earmarked a name for itself by providing direct lending and syndication of real estate transactions throughout Arizona, California and Florida. The company regularly purchases and develops residential, commercial and mixed zone real estate on behalf of its investors, with a specific goal of buying at well below market value, rehabbing and reselling.

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Cantor Capital Group provides direct lending and syndication of real estate transactions throughout Arizona, California and Florida, with a specific focus on buying properties at below market value, rehabbing them and reselling them later. The company focuses on both commercial and residential properties, with the goal of revitalizing areas and helping to fuel the local economy.

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