MONTREAL, CANADA--(Marketwired - April 21, 2015) - Presagis™, a leading provider of commercial modeling, simulation, and embedded software, today announced the acquisition of Intellectual Property for two products, related to the User Application Accelerator (UA2) and UA Emulator (UAM), from Flexible Software Solutions Ltd. The acquisition allows Presagis to now support the full life cycle of safety-critical aircraft systems software development.

"These software products are a perfect complement to VAPS XT, our design and DO-178 certifiable code generation solution," said Stephane Blondin, Head of Product Management and Marketing. "This acquisition is an important step forward in delivering our vision to enable close collaboration between airframe and avionics systems manufacturers at every stage of the development process, from design to delivery".

The UA2 software allows User Application (UA) developers to greatly simplify the process of interfacing ARINC 661 aircraft system software to Cockpit Display Systems (CDS). UA2 hides the complexity of the communication protocol by automatically generating all necessary software code allowing developers to focus on the system being developed rather than the complexity of ARINC 661.

By decoupling CDS and UA software through an industry standard protocol, ARINC 661 offers avionics and airframe manufacturers a modular, portable and interoperable approach to cockpit software design. This promotes reusability of CDS widgets across aircrafts and offers a powerful way to upgrade and evolve glass cockpits over time.

By offering out-of-the-box integration with Mathworks Simulink® and IBM Rhapsody®, UA2 simplifies the introduction of ARINC 661 for avionics and airframe manufacturers by waiving the need to retool and retrain.

UAM is a perfect complement to VAPS XT and UA2 offering intuitive visualization and analysis of ARINC 661 protocol communications and allows developers to quickly test diagnose and define an approach to resolve system integration issues.

In addition, UAM can also act as a CDS or User Application emulator and allow systems development even when part of the system is still at the design or test bed integration stage or when a system is not readily accessible at another site or at vendor facilities.

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