QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - April 21, 2015) - The two major online restaurant guides and have just entered into a merger agreement. The association between these two competitors will benefit the 1,750 member restaurants, which as a result will all profit from the advantages offered by the new alliance's platforms and the Libro online reservation tool.

This major merger between and, which together attract almost one million unique visitors every month, more than 40% of which are regular visitors to the RestoMontré, RestoQué,, and websites, will allow the two guides to offer customers an optimized browsing experience. And then there's, which will soon be available in Montreal.

"Our alliance enables us to make a powerful entry by consolidating all the services of a restaurant and event platform with an online reservation service. When someone books a table at a restaurant, they will have the possibility of viewing a list of nearby events, and vice versa. It's an unbeatable advantage for restaurant owners and a comprehensive experience for customers!" points out co-founder Anthony Mustillo.

It offers outstanding added value to the member restaurant owners, who will be able to profit from being featured on all the network's websites, while continuing to receive the same personalized service in their hometown. By the end of 2015, the group of entrepreneurs hope to have also penetrated the Vancouver and Toronto markets.

"Although the market varies from city to city, everyone in the restaurant industry shares the same concerns. We want to join forces in order to work with and for restaurant owners," says co-founder Jean-Sébastien Langlois.


This alliance has also given rise to Libro, a brand new free online reservation service created entirely by the designers of the and websites.

"Supply in the restaurant industry is vast. Today, the focus is on customer loyalty and personalized relationships with every client. Online booking is a major asset for restaurant owners looking to embrace this new direction," Jean-Sébastien Langlois explains.

The service enables restaurant owners to replace their old-school paper reservation book with a digital book on the cloud, that can be accessed on all web platforms, regardless of where they are, enabling them in turn to keep the contact information for their clients, monitor their consumer behaviour and even send them customized promotional offers. They will also be able to see if a client booked after visiting one of the online guides or directly through Libro.

More than 150 restaurants have already adopted Libro. In Quebec City, big players in the industry like the Savini, Bello, Trois Garçons, Sapristi and Groupe Piazetta restaurants have already switched to the new platform. In Montreal, its followers include such restaurants as Inferno, Kitchen73, Le Bleu Raisin and Six Resto Lounge.

Available in French and English, the module is designed to take into account the different time zones. The application can be accessed worldwide and is even used by restaurant owners in several other countries including the United States, Belgium as well as in France.


As well as taking online reservations in real time from the partner network, the restaurant's website and its Facebook page, the tool can also be used to block specific time slots and monitor reservations in real time. Another significant advantage over paper is that all changes are saved so that users can track cancellations or any changes made to a booking. The tool also allows notes to be added to a calendar day and the internal messaging system.

Libro is supported by partner application Gesto, a dining room layout and table optimization management tool designed for restaurants. Accessible via a tablet device, the system allows users to connect remotely and manage their reservations thanks to a customized seating plan. The platform can be configured with a few easy clicks and has several features designed to optimize the number of sittings at a given table in an evening. It can also be used to plan the layout of the dining room according to waiters and sections making the task of a hostess a lot easier.

"All these different functions help optimize the seating. As well as being a greatly appreciated tool for managers and owners alike, it is also a useful indicator for chefs and the entire dining room staff," Jean-Sébastien Langlois adds.


Founded ten years ago by Anthony Mustillo, Pasquale Carnevale and Michael Mustillo, is the most visited restaurant website in Canada. and its subsidiaries and OttawaRestos attract a total of 750,000 visitors per month., which is highly popular in the Quebec City market, is the instigator of Burger Week and Poutine Week, two of the most successful and popular events in the restaurant industry in recent years. Founded in 2010 by Jean-Sébastien Langlois and Karl Boulanger, the restaurant guide features more than 5,000 restaurants.


Launched in 2014, Libro is a free online reservation website. Open to all restaurant owners, the site is available in English and French. It enables customers to book a table in real time on a restaurant's website, its Facebook page or one of the websites on the partner network.

Libro is supported by a dining room management module called Gesto, a tool that enables restaurant owners to manage their booking requests and optimize their seating management.

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