ARLINGTON, VA--(Marketwired - April 21, 2015) - SynGlyphX™, the leading provider of interactive data visualization and discovery technology, announced today that Sand Mountain Toyota is using SynGlyphX's software to optimize its marketing and advertising spend. Sand Mountain Toyota is a leading provider of quality automotive products and services and unrivaled customer satisfaction.

"In the automobile business, you are constantly striving to drive awareness and foot traffic. We have been using a variety of advertising channels, but until we partnered with SynGlyphX, we really did not have the feedback we needed to guide our allocation of spend to advertising channels," said Mark Brickey, General Manager and President, Sand Mountain Toyota. "SynGlyphX's Marketing Analytics Glyph KIT™ helped us see where we can be more effective with advertising placement. SynGlyphX is helping us save money and generate a greater return on our advertising spend."

SynGlyphX™ interactive data visualization and discovery technology helps organizations make sense of the data generated every day. The proliferation of data, enabled by new sensors, increased storage capacity, and other technological developments, is actually inhibiting our ability to make timely, informed decisions. SynGlyphX™ interactive data visualization and discovery software addresses this challenge by reducing the need for highly skilled technical resources to write algorithms or non-technical resources to manually inspect tabular data.

"At the end of the day, organizations always need to do 'more, better, faster,'" said Mark E. Sloan, CEO, SynGlyphX™. "Our software tools are designed to help users quickly understand the data that they have, so they can make informed decisions and take action."

The SynGlyphX Glyph KIT™ can be configured to create geospatial data views that display the what, when, and why all in one place. Rather than just seeing a pin or dot on a 2D map, SynGlyphX™ software allows users to understand the context of everything taking place at a particular location. Additionally, in non-geospatial settings, users can create visualizations using multiple disparate data sources to see connections across complex data sets. Rather than sifting through multiple graphs and charts, SynGlyphX™ software helps users see large numbers of variables in a single, interactive, and immersive visual environment.

SynGlyphX™'s technology can be applied to data needs across both commercial sectors (including: Marketing Analytics, Supply Chain, Human Performance, Telecom, and Utility Networks) and the Intelligence Community.

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SynGlyphX is transforming the way the world interacts with data for discovery and insight. With superior technology, perceptual engineering and knowledgeable staff, SynGlyphX offers its customers the ability to assimilate massive amounts of data in a single computer screen, allowing user to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies -- and ultimately "Transform Data to Knowledge. Faster." For more information about SynGlyphX, visit

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