ASSAMSTADT, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Apr 22, 2015) -  The recent introduction of the world's first intrinsically safe Android4.4 4G/LTE Smartphone (Smart-Ex® 01) enables new levels of productivity, efficiency and safety in potentially hazardous or explosive environments. Find out how ecom are setting a new standard when it comes to intrinsically safe mobile computing and communications.

Challenges increasingly faced by hazardous area users include the need to capture more data (including videos), collaborate in real-time with team members and remotely with experts, quickly locate lone workers who need to be rescued, and have rapid access to documents and drawings. As the use of technologies such as wireless sensors, Bluetooth-enabled devices and Big Data increases in hazardous areas, the need for faster and more reliable connectivity is essential.


As next generation Android™ 4.4 based Smartphones such as Smart-Ex® 01 are introduced to hazardous areas, the ability to use these devices for multiple applications is now a reality. Combined with the wide selection of software "apps" available on App Stores, and the control offered by today's mobile device management systems, the ability to deliver only those apps the users need to do their job -- making these apps available to each individual user after they login -- is now possible. Typical application areas include:

Design & Construction - Lone Worker Protection, Push to Talk, Augmented Reality

Drilling - Process Visualisation, Drill String Management, Equipment & Material Tracking

Operations - Collaborative Working, Operator Rounds, Process Automation(SCADA)

Maintenance & Shutdowns - Audits, Inspection, Condition Monitoring, Regulatory Compliance

Decommissioning - Security Patrols, Permit to Work

Reliable and No Costly Upgrades

Compared to older generations of Smartphone, the introduction of 4G/LTE communications brings faster data transfer speeds and a new level of connection reliability -- essential to support the data generated by these applications and the increased user connectivity needed. Workforce delays due to slow data updates can now be a thing of the past. For older worksites and those which are widely distributed, real-time collaboration can be achieved without costly upgrades using Smart-Ex® 01 that supports legacy WiFi infrastructures plus a blend of WiFi and 4G/LTE communications.

Reliability is also extremely important when it comes to using a mobile device in hazardous areas, particularly now that they have become more crucial to the daily work of a user. If the device is unusable, the worker may be unable to complete their job, leading to costly delays.

Security Concerns

Preventing unauthorised access to mobile devices and the data stored on them remains a headache for IT teams -- none more so than in high profile industries such as the Oil & Gas industry. As a result, Android 4.4 has been updated to improve mobile security. It is important to note that earlier versions of Android will not receive these updates and continue to be vulnerable, this is especially true if web browsers or web-based apps are used on the device.

How Smart-Ex® 01 can help

The new Smart-Ex 01® device from ecom strikes the right balance of robustness, size, weight and performance -- being both fit for purpose yet easy to carry around the plant. Smart-Ex 01 brings the latest mobile communication and computing technologies into hazardous locations to address many of the challenges that businesses and workforces face today. All this with outstanding battery life, not only due to the far-beyond-standard battery capacity but also due to a sophisticated energy management.

Representing the 9th generation of ecom mobile phones, Smart-Ex® 01 is packed with the latest technologies including Android 4.4 (KitKat), 4G/LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy and FOTA (Firmware Over the Air), ensuring your business doesn't get left behind in the race to improve competitiveness in your market due to the devices you use. Use of the Android 4.4 operating system ensures that the latest security functions are to prevent unauthorised access to your mobile device or its data.

Understandably, safety has always been a major concern within hazardous areas. In this era of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), safety and security teams need to quickly identify mobile phones and Smartphones which are not certified for hazardous areas and prevent their use onsite. With this in mind, the eye-catching design of ecom's Smart-Ex® 01 device allows "first glance" identification by safety and security teams, ensuring it is not mistaken for a consumer device.

Smart-Ex 01® runs many industrial software applications designed for Android faster than before. And, if these applications are not enough, Google certification is included too, enabling access to over 700,000 software applications approved by Google and available on the Google Play Store.

The Smart-Ex® 01 user experience is improved thanks to the large 4" capacitive screen, delivering a bright, sharp image which is easier to view in various light conditions and is less tiring on the eyes. The responsive multi-touch screen can be used in the rain or with wet fingers, and by workers wearing gloves.

Workforce downtime is minimised due to designed-in hardware and software reliability and robustness, complemented by an extremely shock and scratch-resistant Gorilla® Glass 2 screen plus an optional 3-year Service Level Agreement, providing you with TCO security.

Certified for worldwide use

Smart-Ex® 01 represents the next generation of ultra-rugged Android Smartphones for use in hazardous areas, complementing ecom's existing range of PDAs, tablets and mobile phones. These devices are supplied with global ATEX/IECEx/NEC certification for use in Zone 1/21, Class I Division 1, Zone 2/22 and Class I Division 2 hazardous areas around the world.

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The Smart-Ex® will be presented on the Offshore Technology Conference 2015, 4-7 May in Houston, NRG-Park, Booth #1209.

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ecom instruments is a leading global provider of mobile computing and communication devices for use in potentially hazardous areas as found in industries including chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, mining, power generation, food and beverage.

For 30 years, ecom has set the standards and gathered comprehensive expertise in explosion protection for daily use in hazardous industrial areas across the globe.

In its four core disciplines of communication, mobile computing, portable hand lamps and measurement calibration, ecom instruments offers a wide variety of innovative and field proven solutions.

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