AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - April 22, 2015) - iGR, a market research consultancy that has focused on the wireless and mobile industry for the past 15 years, is launching a new series of Sponsored Research reports. The second report, focused on mobile voice, will draw from a detailed U.S. Consumer Primary Survey and present original, differentiated data that is completely exclusive to the sponsored report. 

The second report of the Sponsored Research series, What Consumers Want from Mobile Voice, will focus on current mobile voice developments. In the past, consumers had to pay for each minute of each voice call on a mobile network. Today, most rate plans include unlimited voice calling, but now new options are also available including Voice over WiFi, Voice over LTE, HD Voice and a range of OTT calling services.

The report will survey U.S. consumers to determine how they use mobile voice today, how they think their current service can be improved, their perception of the value of HD Voice, the appeal of VoWiFi, the need for integrated video calling, and how these various services can be better integrated into consumers' smartphones, tablets and other devices. 

The report will present the results of the survey, along with detailed analysis and discussion, to show what consumers want from mobile voice solutions.

In order to maintain exclusivity, iGR will accept sponsorship from a maximum of FIVE companies for this Sponsored Research report. 

Once the primary research is complete and the What Consumers Want from Mobile Voice report is written, iGR will interview each Sponsor and prepare a detailed profile of their company, strategy and product as required. Each profile will then be included in the Sponsored Research report.

Distribution of the report will be by iGR and each Sponsor. iGR will promote the Sponsored Research report on the home page of its website. iGR will also:

  • Issue a press release announcing the availability of the Sponsored Research report.
  • Issue a separate press release for each Sponsor, announcing their participation and including a quote from a Sponsor executive.
  • Promote the Sponsored Research report to iGR's current list of industry contacts.
  • Promote the Sponsored Research report to one of the major wireless industry publication's email list and newsletter readers.

Each Sponsor will benefit in the following ways from supporting iGR's Sponsored Research reports:

  • Each Sponsor's brand will be prominently displayed on wireless and mobile industry thought leadership content.
  • Exclusivity is limited to FIVE sponsors per report.
  • Detailed company profiles of each sponsor will be included in the report to demonstrate product/solution leadership, etc.
  • Each Sponsor's brand will be promoted through multiple channels including press releases, iGR's distribution list and website, a webinar, and the newsletter/email list of one major wireless/mobile industry publication.
  • Sponsors will have the ability to distribute the report as needed (after obtaining prior agreement with iGR), including posting to Sponsor's own website.
  • Sponsors will have access to all leads generated by iGR's promotion of the Sponsored Research report, including leads from the major wireless and mobile industry publication promotion.
  • Sponsors will be able to participate in an iGR webinar to promote and discuss the research.

For more information on iGR's Sponsored Research or the What Consumers Want from Mobile Voice report, please contact Iain Gillott at (512) 263-5682 or at

About iGR
iGR is a market strategy consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile communications industry. Founded by Iain Gillott, one of the wireless industry's leading analysts, in late 2000 as iGillottResearch, iGR is now in its fifteenth year of operation. iGR continuously researches emerging and existent technologies, technology industries, and consumer markets. We use our detailed research to offer a range of services to help companies improve their position in the marketplace, clearly define their future direction, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

iGR researches a range of wireless and mobile products and technologies, including: smartphones; tablets; mobile wearables; connected cars; mobile applications; bandwidth demand and use; small cell and het-net architectures; mobile EPC and RAN virtualization; DAS; LTE; VoLTE; IMS; NFC; GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSPA; CDMA 1x/EV-DO; iDEN; SIP; macro-, pico- and femtocells; mobile backhaul; WiFi and WiFi offload; and SIM and UICC.

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