HomeSlice App Announces Series A Funding, Partnership With Matchfire Co.

Matchfire Leads Investment to Drive Product Enhancement and Expansion

San Luis Obispo, California, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, April 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HomeSlice App, a startup company that enables its users to build their own private social networks to manage their households more effectively, today announced a first round of funding. Funding will begin with a strategic partnership with data commons firm Matchfire Co. HomeSlice will leverage the first round of funds to continue enhancing its main product, a household management mobile application.

HomeSlice's comprehensive technology provides roommates with the tools they need to stay on top of household supplies, chores and bills, all contained within one user-friendly platform.

"HomeSlice is a product that myself and my team are extremely passionate about, having all personally experienced the challenges that come with living with roommates in both college and in young professional life," said Shea Brucker, Founder and CEO of HomeSlice. "The opportunity to be guided by the Matchfire team has proven extremely helpful, and we look forward to the continued success of the company."

"At Matchfire, we use consumer data to benefit the consumer," said Chris Noble, CEO of Matchfire Co. "HomeSlice is a company already on its path to using the data they gather to aid their users in managing their households, so we see our partnership as a natural extension of both companies' goals."

HomeSlice will come as an addition to the Matchfire family of companies—among them waggle, the recently-launched lifestyle brand for dog lovers.

Through the partnership, Matchfire Co. will guide Brucker and the HomeSlice team with using the data they collect in-app to best benefit users. Over time, the HomeSlice app will learn what users shop for and what bills they pay, and will offer users specials, savings and deals that are meaningful to them and specific to their needs.

"Currently, our focus is on guiding HomeSlice towards strategic brand partnerships. We believe there is a huge opportunity for CPG and lifestyle brands to partner with HomeSlice and thereby target an increasingly hard-to-reach key consumer demographic: college students," said Noble.

According to the National Science Foundation, there are over 22 million students enrolled in higher learning institutions in the U.S., and that number is constantly increasing. Of that population, 15 million live with roommates. "HomeSlice benefits its users by easing the complicated job of managing a household, while also offering brand marketers a direct channel with which to reach millenials," said Noble.

HomeSlice currently has users in 144 countries around the world, and has managed over 20,000 conversations, 26,000 bills, and over 80,000 household items.

HomeSlice's near-term development plans include launching in-app payments, brand partnerships to offer its users exclusive coupons and other savings opportunities based on their unique buying behaviors, as well as building out a host of new features which will make the app more functional for use by families.

About HomeSlice

HomeSlice is a private social network that keeps roommates organized, connected and efficient. HomeSlice's unique communication tools streamline the management of household responsibilities such as supplies, chores and bills. HomeSlice is committed to leveraging the power of data, technology and design to make living together easier for every home. For more information about HomeSlice, visit

About Matchfire Co.

Matchfire Co. enables brands, agencies, and publishers to create omni-channel experiences that deliver more meaningful and personalized moments to consumers, thereby driving greater brand affinity. Matchfire combines access to networks, a suite of technology services, and operational logistics, to engineer experiences consumers love. The Matchfire platform enables existing companies—and their own set of startups—to launch business models that produce lasting value. For more information about Matchfire Co., visit


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