SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2015) - AnswerDash, the world's leading provider of contextual point-and-click answer technology for websites and web apps, today announced the launch of powerful analytics features that provide instant insights into users' behaviors. AnswerDash analytics is the first tool of its kind to highlight customers' actual questions in context on a site or app, allowing businesses to leverage user data to improve user experience and optimize conversation rates.

Websites and apps can effectively use AnswerDash analytics to gain access into consumers' actual behaviors and drive user-centered improvements that are proven to reduce abandonment. By illuminating users' questions, where and when users seek help on websites and apps, and which customer service answers are most effective in driving conversions, AnswerDash analytics provides its customers with unprecedented real-time insights into user behaviors.

"AnswerDash analytics provide a full view of the user in context on the website, right where interactions happen," said Jake Wobbrock, co-founder and CEO of AnswerDash. "Instead of guessing why users abandon, AnswerDash empowers businesses with data around where and when users encounter roadblocks, allowing UX designers to double down where they are winning and make powerful design improvements where they are not. Understanding and responding to online user behavior is a huge competitive differentiator for multiple verticals from SaaS to e-commerce."

"We're excited about leveraging contextual analytics from a platform like AnswerDash to make meaningful improvements to our website in collaboration with our marketing department," said Megan Ritchie Saffitz, Director of Leed Support at the U.S. Green Building Council. "With a better understanding of the 'why' behind our users' behavior on our site, we get actionable data on how to improve our online experience without guessing. We use other analytics tools to learn what our users are doing; our contextual customer self-service platform, AnswerDash, tells us why."

AnswerDash Analytics Explore the "Why" Behind Users' Behavior

Key AnswerDash analytics include:

  • AnswerDash HotSpots™ - Provides an at-a-glance view of exactly where on web pages users have critical and popular questions so companies can spot trends and problem areas, respond to issues more quickly and proactively improve the user experience.
  • AnswerDash Answer Paths™ - Shows exact navigation patterns of users before and after viewing questions and answers, including where and when they make a purchase or leave a site. Companies can improve help content at points of abandonment to increase conversions.
  • Benefits Data - Evaluates the helpfulness of question and answer content through customer satisfaction ratings and highlights the value of AnswerDash self-service in terms of saved ticket resolution time and saved support costs.
  • Usage Data - Reveals which questions in AnswerDash have the highest views to learn what users are most confused about. Also shows how many people are using AnswerDash on a site and benefiting from instant self-service answers instead of using costly assisted-service channels like live chat, phone, and email support.

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AnswerDash, the world's leading provider of point-and-click contextual question-and-answer technology, offers businesses tools to improve the online customer experience of websites and web applications. AnswerDash enables companies to deliver instant contextual answers to their customers right where they need them, without typing or switching pages, whether on desktop or mobile platforms. By providing instant self-service answers, AnswerDash increases sales, reduces support costs, and provides valuable customer and product insights for online businesses.

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