TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 23, 2015) - Public transit continues to be a cornerstone of Ontario's financial plan with further funding commitments confirmed today by Minister Charles Sousa and the provincial government.

"Increasing dedicated funds for transit and critical infrastructure from $29 billion to $31.5 billion is another step in the right direction, allowing the province to commit funding to the Hurontario-Main LRT and Hamilton rapid transit projects," says Karen Cameron, CEO of the Ontario Public Transit Association (OPTA).

"We are pleased to see that the Ontario government remains strongly committed to transit and to making Ontario communities better for people, business and growth," says Michael Roschlau, President & CEO of the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA).

The Ontario Government's move to maximize assets such as Hydro One will directly generate funds for transit infrastructure, and proceeds from the cap-and-trade carbon pricing mechanism can also be used to invest in public transit - a key recommendation in the OPTA-CUTA pre-budget submission. The budget also commits the province to prioritize and evaluate infrastructure needs outside the GTHA based on economic, social and environmental returns.

"This budget reaffirms and further strengthens the Ontario government's understanding of the importance of mobility in the health of our economy," says Cameron, adding that, "cities are our economic hubs and transit not only needs to keep pace with their growth, it needs to drive it."

"An investment in public transit is an investment in Ontario's future quality of life," concludes Roschlau.

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