KIRKLAND, Wash., May 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rightside (Nasdaq:NAME), a leading provider of domain name services that advance the way businesses and consumers define and present themselves online, has added three new Top Level Domains (TLDs): .FAMILY, .STUDIO, and .LIVE for users looking for more descriptive and memorable alternatives to .com.

For planning reunions, tracing family history, building family blogs and photo galleries, or communicating with a family-oriented email address, the .FAMILY domain extension provides a memorable and relevant online home for communities to keep in touch. For families that work together, a .FAMILY domain will reflect the personal identity that these businesses pride themselves on.

With over 400,000 domains containing the term "studio" that end in .com, .STUDIO is a TLD that has a large addressable market. From yoga to art, to design, to beauty and architecture sites, .STUDIO resonates across multiple business types and gives them the opportunity to create a new website to bring their brick-and-mortar spaces online or use a more memorable name for an existing site.

Joining .NEWS, .SOCIAL, and .VIDEO in Rightside's media & entertainment offerings, .LIVE provides a platform to stream concerts, performances, or interviews, and reach an audience beyond fans at the venue. As more platforms and applications for live broadcasting develop, such as Twitter's Periscope, .LIVE is the perfect domain name to market real-time content. News sources can also benefit from a .LIVE domain name as they seek to inform their audiences of current events and developing stories.

Rightside CEO Taryn Naidu said, "As companies find new ways to develop and extend their online presence across various platforms, we know that it can be challenging to maintain their brand identities. With .FAMILY, .STUDIO, and .LIVE, we believe that we have strengthened our portfolio of TLDs that gives users more memorable and descriptive domain name options to match their brand to each of their online activities."

Rightside plans to launch .FAMILY, .STUDIO, and .LIVE later this year, increasing Rightside's portfolio to 39 new gTLDs.

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