API Monitoring Leader Runscope Celebrates Two Years of Innovation and Execution as Microservices and APIs Take Center Stage

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 6, 2015) - Runscope, the leader for cloud-based API monitoring and testing, this month celebrates its two-year anniversary, commemorating two years of steadfast leadership and relentless innovation in enabling the modern development lifecycle. Today some of the world's biggest and most innovative companies rely on Runscope, including Adobe, Anthropologie, DocuSign, Edmunds.com, Fitbit and uShip.

Runscope's suite of API monitoring and deep testing tools comes at a critical time for developers and businesses alike. APIs are the lifeblood of the modern connected enterprise, powering applications running on multiple platforms and devices. As demand for applications continues to grow, developers are building more microservices and APIs than ever. Having confidence that those services are healthy is critical to ensuring a quality end-user experience.

"Modern distributed applications and microservice architectures require a new set of developer tools that put API performance at the forefront," said John Sheehan, co-founder and CEO of Runscope. "Development, QA and DevOps teams have demonstrated a huge need for verifying the uptime, performance and correctness of their APIs. The incredible growth of our API monitoring and testing tools is a testament to that."

In 2013, John Sheehan (CEO) and Frank Stratton (CTO) founded Runscope to offer developers unparalleled visibility into the health of their microservices and APIs. The company has grown from simple API traffic logging to fully automated deep testing and monitoring for APIs that reside in the cloud and behind the firewall. Runscope is inherently collaborative, enabling development, QA and ops teams to work with their APIs more efficiently. With both businesses and consumers demanding access to information via multiple devices, along with the increasing adoption of microservices, visibility into API performance and the ability to work transparently across teams is critical.

Noteworthy Milestones:

  • The company is seeing a 40% month-over-month growth rate of its API monitoring product, and that number is more than doubling every quarter
  • Revenue grew 10x compared to same time last year
  • Customer count has grown by 400% over the last year
  • More than 40,000 developers in more than 135 countries across the globe rely on Runscope
  • Developers have used Runscope to debug and test more than 45,000 APIs in less than 18 months, totaling more than 150 million test runs
  • Ghost Inspector has grown 750% since being acquired by Runscope in November 2014
  • The company's business was built ground up on microservices (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYVUn8T-0qA) to maximize for speed and scale and now deploys code more than 50 times per work day

To read Sheehan's blog on Runscope's two-year anniversary, go to: http://blog.runscope.com/two-year-anniversary.

About Runscope
Runscope was founded in 2013 with the idea that depending on a web service API in a mobile or web application should be as easy as depending on code running locally. Runscope enables the modern development lifecycle with a powerful suite of API tools that helps developers build better applications and better businesses. More than 40,000 developers in more than 135 countries across the globe rely on Runscope to ensure that their APIs are not only operating, but performing optimally and correctly. Runscope is backed by General Catalyst Partners, True Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz, and the team comes from Twilio, Pinterest, Amazon, HubSpot, Mashery and Apigee. The company is based in San Francisco, CA. For more information, go to: http://www.runscope.com.

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