ManualsOnline Launches New Website in Response to Changing Consumer Landscape

OwnerIQ Expects Mobile Visitors to Surpass 50% of Traffic by the End of 2015

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - May 11, 2015) -, the publisher division of OwnerIQ and the largest repository of product support documentation on the internet announced their new mobile friendly website and statistics of mobile site visits today.

ManualsOnline provides product support information to over 4 million consumers per month, who are not only pursuing self-help for products they already own, but are also conducting product research prior to purchase. ManualsOnline also runs a content syndication network that supports over 50 online retailers -- Product Support for E-Commerce. Their client base has increased over 250% in the past year, indicating a large growing demand for support content during the pre-purchase stage of the buying cycle. 

ManualsOnline is reporting 300% growth in visits from mobile devices over the past three years and expects that over 50% of all site traffic will be referred by mobile towards the end of the year. This change in consumer behavior is a reflection of the entire internet, especially within the early research phase of web browsing.

Google searches performed on mobile devices are expected to eclipse desktop searches at some point this year. To reflect this, Google has rolled out a massive update to their search algorithm which takes into account whether or not a website is mobile friendly. i

"The shift in user behavior on ManualsOnline has been staggering and we're very excited to stay ahead of the market's needs, and support our retailers' shoppers across all devices," said Chris Parker, Head of Support Solutions at OwnerIQ. 

ManualsOnline is a part of OwnerIQ's robust suite of solutions and services for retailers to more effectively reach their shoppers across all devices. To see ManualsOnline's responsive web design in action visit on any mobile device.

About ManualsOnline is an OwnerIQ owned and operated publisher website and the largest repository of product support documents on the internet. ManualsOnline reaches over 4 million consumers each month. The site is stocked with owner manuals from thousands of top brands, and pairs self-help and product information with a growing community of engaged product owners.

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