PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - May 14, 2015) -  Fairway America (http://fairwayamerica.com/), the nation's leading authority on small balance real estate (SBRE) pooled investment funds, announced today that a new fund from Alturas Capital out of Boise, Idaho called the Alturas Real Estate Fund, with a target of $100 million in total investments, is now live on SBREFunds.com. This brings the sum total of investment offerings on the pooled real estate fund crowdfunding investment platform to just under $2 billion, with total capital committed across these funds to date at approximately $118 million.

"The potential of the Small Balance Real Estate market is growing by the day and we're feeling that on SBREFunds.com in a very tangible way," said Matt Burk, CEO of Fairway America. "Alturas provides yet another accessible small balance fund vehicle for our SBREFunds.com investors to consider."

Founded in 2007, Alturas Capital is a diversified investment management company located in the Boise, Idaho area. Alturas focuses on what it believes is a conservative and principled investment strategy the objective of which is to produce reliable, stable cash flow to its investor partners. The investment philosophy at Alturas Capital is grounded in value investing, supported by a team that has experience in all aspects of real estate investing, including underwriting and due diligence, property management, construction, development and accounting.

"Fairway has established itself as a leader in this space and SBREFunds.com has, in only a matter of months, has become a premier destination for crowdsourcing fund investment and support," said Alturas Capital Managing Partner Blake Hansen. "We saw that first hand at their SBRE Investment in Scottsdale and we're excited to grow our investor base through a network of investors who are specifically interested in funds such as ours."

Alturas Capital will be presenting again at Fairway's Small Balance Real Estate Investment Summit at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Oct. 15 and 16. This invitation only event is open to fund managers and accredited investors interested in the SBRE pooled investment fund space.

For more information about Alturas Capital and the Alturas Real Estate Fund, please visit http://www.alturas.com.  

For more information about Fairway America, please visit: http://fairwayamerica.com.

For more information about SBRE Funds, please visit: http://sbrefunds.com.

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