LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM and PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - May 14, 2015) - The Curation Company, publisher of Tech Design Forum and developer of online editorial and analytical tools, and JB Systems, online media publishing and technical research studies, have entered a joint editorial and marketing agreement.

The deal brings together two of the most respected editorial teams covering electronic systems design, with more than 100 years of experience in the sector. It means that both publishers now have an 'on-the-ground' presence in North America, Asia and Europe.

Under the agreement, the two companies' main publications -- the Tech Design Forum for the Curation Company and the IoT Embedded Systems for JB Systems -- will cross-promote appropriate content on each other's sites and via newsletters; write exclusive content for partners' sites; and explore the development of new products to serve the global hardware and software design communities.

Sales activities for existing products from The Curation Company and JB Systems will continue to be conducted independently.

The Combined Team
The agreement brings together four seasoned professionals covering the leading edge of electronics system design: John Blyler of JB Systems, and Luke Collins, Paul Dempsey and Chris Edwards, founding directors of The Curation Company.

John Blyler is the founder of JB Systems Media, a high tech media and engineering company. Previously, he was the VP, Chief Content Officer for Extension Media. He has written for Penton Media, the IEEE, Edutopia (George Lucas Foundation) and others. John has co-authored several books on systems engineering, RF design and automotive hardware-software integration for Wiley, Elsevier and SAE, respectively. He has over 23 years of real-world hardware-software experience and continues to teach graduate-level systems engineering at Portland State University.

Luke Collins is a former Dataquest semiconductor analyst and Editor-in-Chief of Electronics Times UK. He co-founded a series of conferences on field programmable logic in Europe in the early 1990s, and on semiconductor intellectual property in Silicon Valley and Europe in the late 1990s. He has also worked as the Communications Editor for Engineering & Technology, published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology. His work has appeared in the Financial Times and The Economist, as well as in various trade publications.

Paul Dempsey is the founding editor of Tech Design Forum. He is a former senior editor for Electronic Engineering Times UK and today is featured as a senior correspondent and columnist for Engineering & Technology. His work has appeared in specialist technology publications from The FT, in The Daily Telegraph and on Spain's national news agency, Agencia Efe. Dempsey is based in Asia.

Chris Edwards has spent more than two decades covering electronics and EDA as a freelance journalist for titles ranging from specialist technical magazines through to national newspapers. He is a former Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Engineering Times UK and Electronics and Technology Editor of Engineering & Technology.

Dempsey said, "I've known John for a long time and we've often talked about finding a way to work together. The stars have finally aligned. He gives us a formidable presence in North America for Tech Design Forum and The Curation Company. We'll be doing the same for JB Systems in our industry's other critical markets, Europe and Asia.

"Our readers and our sponsors, particularly those in the U.S. and Canada, will know that, with John on board, our coverage is about to get even better."

"This is a strategic partnership that will strengthen both brands by extending reach and breadth of both the content coverage and the data-trends analysis so needed by engineers and decision-making managers," said Blyler. "Paul and his team of well-known veteran editors will add a refreshing, substantive global perspective missing from many sites that seem to merely rewrite press releases. Our readers can look forward to good things from the combination of our two teams."

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