SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 14, 2015) -, a leading provider of asynchronous computing, today announced it is now providing full support of Docker through IronWorker for Docker. This is possible with the introduction of Docker image flexibility within IronWorker. Developers are now able to use their own custom Docker images hosted on DockerHub as the IronWorker Code Packages.

With these changes to IronWorker for Docker, developers are able to work with Docker images in the way that works best for each particular project. They can still utilize the existing, predefined, IronWorker-provided images that cover most major languages and OS packages, as well as any image from DockerHub, including custom images.

This feature is in beta and is only available on dedicated accounts to begin with. Please contact us if you'd like to try it out.

"As part of our 'Developer Empowerment' philosophy, we're always asking how can better match the needs of developers. This change to IronWorker for Docker gives developers more freedom to choose how they work with Docker, while enabling to provide full Docker support," said CTO Travis Reeder.

Today's announcement is the latest in a series of Docker-related developments for, which continues to add new capabilities to match ongoing demand. For example, earlier in 2015, the company announced a new workflow for IronWorker-based Docker that enabled developers to test their worker code locally in the same environment as it is when running on the IronWorker cloud. This streamlined the development process, while improving overall quality.

With the release of this advanced capability, removes itself as the gatekeeper for runtime images. Thus, streamlining the process for developers. continues to provide a seamless experience for new users, but also provides increased flexibility for customers with more demanding needs.

What is IronWorker

IronWorker provides three pillars of modern application development: (1) asynchronous processing; (2) code and dependency isolation; and (3) the ability to run tasks concurrently at scale. These pillars enable tasks to be processed on-demand and to run in a multi-language containerized environment with streamlined orchestration.


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