NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 15, 2015) - Skyler Brand Ventures (Skyler), the premier independent R&D incubator in the cosmetics industry, today announced the launch of ERASA XEP-30, the first product from its first portfolio company, BioMimetic Laboratories (BL). Three years in the making, this exciting new company addresses the global prestige anti-aging skincare market by translating natural anti-aging solutions into powerful cosmetics through biomimetics.

Skyler Brand Ventures was founded by Jules Zecchino, the former Chief Scientist and Head of Innovation and Applied Research at Estee Lauder (EL) for almost two decades. As the creator of many prestigious and best-selling products at Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden (RDEN), Mr. Zecchino has a deep rooted background in beauty biosciences and has created a research structure with unparalleled collaborations at Skyler. His handpicked team includes Dr. Konnie Lahanas, who previously was head of Formulation Innovation at Limited Brands and is one of the most respected formulators in the industry.

Complementing its laboratory expertise, Skyler's highly experienced marketing and management team is led by Betsy Schmalz Ferguson, a veteran of product development at Estee Lauder and the Limited (LB). This venture backed incubator has built a fully integrated research, manufacturing and distribution supply chain through the Skyler Affiliates Network, ensuring seamless delivery of its cutting edge products.

ERASA XEP30 is a superior anti-aging skin concentrate formulated through best-of-breed global R&D partnerships -- in this case the Skyler team's active collaboration with Atheris Laboratories, a Swiss biotechnology company and Activen, its cosmetics affiliate. The partnership has resulted in securing exclusive rights for two years to use patented XEP-30 active, the next generation of Activen's benchmark neuropeptides. In ERASA XEP-30, BioMimetics Laboratories has combined XEP-30 with a patent-pending delivery system to deeply penetrate the skin and to aid in relaxing skin. This process helps to erase wrinkles -- including deep frown and expression lines -- and as restores skin elasticity and evens skin tone.

A primary feature of the laboratory is the investor-driven condition of rigorous clinical testing for all its products, requiring demonstrated efficacy far above industry standards. ERASA XEP30 has demonstrated and clinically-tested wrinkle reduction properties vastly superior to competing products and Skyler BV is thrilled to have this product as the flagship example of its goal of R&D-based product excellence.

Mr. Zecchino stated: "The outstanding clinical results are a validation of the research structure and the highly productive collaboration of Skyler and its research affiliates, something that is extremely pleasing to our consumers and our investors alike. We look forward to setting the ultimate standard in the industry for product efficacy and clinical testing in all Skyler companies and products".

Retailing for USD 160.00, ERASA XEP-30 will be available exclusively at starting May 18th, 2015, followed by physical presence at select prestigious stores worldwide.

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