PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - May 15, 2015) - Alpine Freezer (, an established leader in manufacturing Yogurt and Ice Cream machines for commercial use, has developed an easy to implement self-serve kiosk any retailer with foot traffic can use to instantly bring in more revenue, no matter how small a space available.

Recently a convenience store in the small town of Dewitt, Iowa, installed an Alpine yogurt kiosk and instantly saw new clientele, especially young families with children who now are making the store a destination and were not previously customers.

An owner/operator of Dewitt Travel Center said, "We are independently owned and in competition with the big c-store chains, so by offering self-serve yogurt we are now bringing in new customers who return again and again so we get the ancillary sales from every visit."

Best of all, Alpine offers 100% financing so a retailer can gain an immediate new net-revenue stream without having to outlay a single dime in advance or hire any additional employees.

Retailers love the fact yogurt sales enjoy a 1,000% mark-up and most self-serve kiosks ring up $500 in daily sales.

Another Alpine customer in Kansas was only getting $20 a day from the self-serve coffee area and as soon as they added the yogurt kiosk, the same space jumped in sales to over $400 daily.

A big driver of yogurt's world-wide growth is a better informed population who are looking for healthy snacks, like yogurt's protein richness and life-giving probiotics packed into every cup.

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