Anderson Chiropractic Announces Nasal Cranial Release Therapy

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MCMURRAY, Pa., May 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anderson Chiropractic announced that the practice is now offering nasal cranial release therapy. Nasal Cranial Release is a chiropractic adjustment technique that may be beneficial for treating concussions and other head trauma. The release technique is designed to relieve forces that can adversely affect the skull and trigger health problems including vertigo, low energy, insomnia, difficulties concentrating and anxiety. Chiropractor Dr. Scott Anderson is one of the only chiropractors in Pennsylvania to offer this adjustment technique, according to the practice.

McMurray, PA chiropractor Dr. Scott Anderson is now offering nasal cranial release therapy to treat patients following a concussion or other traumatic brain injury.

"A traumatic brain injury like a concussion can have a serious impact on an individual's quality of life long after the accident first occurs," said Dr. Anderson. "With concussions increasingly common in today's contact sports or even after a car accident injury, it is critical that accident victims receive proper treatment to avoid serious health problems. This is why I recommend nasal cranial release therapy as part of the treatment process."

Nasal cranial release therapy was first developed by Dr. J.R. Stober in the 1930s and has been consistently in use ever since, says Dr. Anderson. During treatment, a trained chiropractor like Dr. Anderson adjusts the skull bones by using a small finger cot affixed to an inflatable device that is inserted into the nasal passageways. The goal of treatment is to release impactions in the cranial structure, which in turn relieves forces that are adversely affecting the skull, says Dr. Anderson.

Nasal cranial release therapy may be beneficial for treating a variety of conditions linked to concussion and traumatic brain injuries.

"I recommend nasal cranial release therapy as a treatment for patients who have symptoms like poor concentration and muscle spasms, neck and shoulder pain, headache pain, head pressure, and migraines after a concussion or traumatic brain injury," said Dr. Anderson. "This adjustment technique is also helpful for addressing the emotional/mental side effects associated with brain injuries like anxiety, depression, nervousness and PTSD."

Dr. Anderson recommends cranial adjustment therapy for individuals who have had multiple concussions or jobs that increase the risk for a brain injury.

"Athletes and military servicemen, for example, are at increased risk for a traumatic brain injury," said Dr. Anderson. "Military members who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and other conditions may benefit from nasal cranial release therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment program."

The McMurray chiropractor is one of the only chiropractors in Pennsylvania who has received special training to offer nasal cranial release therapy, according to Anderson Chiropractic. The practice offers this treatment along with other chiropractic adjustment techniques to treat auto accident injuries, sports injuries, workplace injuries and personal injuries.

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