BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwired - May 18, 2015) - THAT!™ Inventions, the brand known for its high-tech, award-winning kitchenware innovations, today announced the launch of ScoopTHAT!™ II, an ice cream scoop that utilizes heat transfer principles to perfectly soften hard ice cream on contact. The kitchen utensil exhibits an advanced version of the award-winning design seen in its predecessor, ScoopTHAT!™, which launched in 2014.

ScoopTHAT! II contains the world's first Thermo-ring™ heated scooping edges that have been widened for an even easier way to serve the perfect ball of ice cream. The serving utensil is able to melt hard ice cream on contact by using heat transfer principles that draw warmth from a non-electric, self-replenishing and biodegradable energy reservoir located in its handle. Heat is transferred to the cutting ring of the scoop through a fish bone fin design that is visible within the handle, adding the cherry on top to a functional work of art.

Other features include a Teflon insulated and non-stick scooping bowl that prevents ice cream from becoming soupy and keeps it frozen upon serving. ScoopTHAT! II is also FDA-certified and safe to come in contact with food. To learn more about the product, visit

ScoopTHAT! II was recently recognized by the Global Innovation Awards (GIA) as a Global Honoree in the 2015 Best Product Design category. Now available in black and silver, the utensil can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond®, Sur La Table®, Bloomingdale's and other specialty stores across the country for $19.95. For more information, visit

About THAT!™ Inventions

THAT! Inventions utilizes advanced materials and components from industries such as semi-conductors and aerospace to create unique, never-before-seen kitchenware solutions. Its catalog of kitchen gadgets has been recognized several times by the International Forum Design (iF) Awards, The Red Dot Awards, the Good Design Awards (G-Mark) and the Global Innovation Awards (GIA). For more information, visit

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