COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwired - May 18, 2015) - Today Battelle introduced SmartVision™, an innovative predictive tool giving organizations an edge in managing their marketplaces. The service combines human subject matter expertise with advanced analytical tools to deliver unprecedented insights into evolving market patterns.

"In today's digital society, the majority of data needed to make strategic business decisions exists outside of an organization in unstructured formats," said Nancy McMillian, Ph.D and Advanced Analytics and Health Research Manager. "SmartVision™ is a new service that can help companies tap this incredible well of information, make sense of it, and make better decisions regarding potential business risks or opportunities."

What SmartVision™ Does

The new SmartVision service can help companies:

  • Track consumer sentiment and brand perceptions, delivering insights into market-shaping trends
  • Identify new market opportunities to stay a step ahead of the competition
  • Predict how emerging science and public opinion will impact regulatory developments, their industries and the marketplace

How SmartVision™ Works

SmartVision™ collects vast amounts of real-time, unstructured data through an advanced method called horizon scanning, pulling information from blogs, social media, news sources, scientific journals, government sites and other sources of public information. Then, the analytical information is paired with human subject matter expertise to identify indicators of potential changes in external factors that can impact businesses and industries.

What SmartVision™ Delivers:

SmartVision™ delivers more than just raw data. Battelle industry experts isolate and analyze relevant information to provide customers with actionable insights grounded in a deep understanding of their business and industry. Subscribers receive a customized, understandable weekly/monthly report identifying emerging issues and trends and highlighting issues or opportunities that require immediate attention.

Why Organizations Need SmartVision™:

According to an Ernst & Young report, effectively harnessing technology to support risk management is the greatest weakness -- or opportunity -- for most organizations.1 SmartVision's™ innovative technology helps companies understand the level of interest and changes in sentiment surrounding key issues, recognize potential opportunities and liabilities far in advance, and assess potential strategies to optimize opportunities and mitigate these risks.

"The bottom line is that this new tool can be the "early warning system" on market shaping events," added Dave Giles, Senior Market Manager. "SmartVision™ is a change-maker for organizations to improve their strategic vision, and make informed forward-thinking business decisions."

Using SmartVision™, Battelle researchers have been able to identify emerging trends in the food, beverage and consumer products industry.

SmartVision™ is available today. For more information on SmartVision™, please visit


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