SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 19, 2015) - HOST ANALYTICS WORLD -- Host Analytics, the leader in cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM), today announced the formation of a strategic alliance to enable enterprises to seamlessly integrate sales forecasting and financial planning and improve execution against quarterly sales and earnings targets.

For most companies, sales forecasting and financial planning/budgeting are arduous, manual processes that are cobbled together with static spreadsheets. As a result, sales forecasts and financial plans are almost immediately out-of-date and out-of-sync as soon as they are approved. Organizations are also challenged with (1) accurately predicting the quarters' sales relative to plan, (2) precisely understanding how these sales outcomes will impact the company's earnings, and (3) correctly redeploying resources or taking corrective action to change these outcomes. Time is wasted iterating over spreadsheets; resources are mis-deployed; opportunities are wasted; and sales and earnings numbers are missed.

The Aviso-Host Analytics Partnership

Clients of both Aviso and Host Analytics are already benefitting from the powerful integration between sales intelligence and financial planning. By using Aviso in concert with Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite, organizations are able to:

  • Forecast and plan faster: Aviso Insights helps sales organizations automatically generate highly accurate sales forecasts without manually rolling up spreadsheets. Aviso's sales forecasts can be automatically integrated with Host Analytics Planning Cloud, so all financial planning includes the latest sales forecast (also without spreadsheets).

  • Keep sales and finance aligned: If/when sales executives choose to recast the sales forecast in Aviso, these new forecasts automatically flow into Host Analytics Planning and Modeling Cloud applications. Using Host Analytics, finance can quickly update financial plans and perform what-if analyses based on the latest sales forecast.

  • Identify risks sooner: Aviso Insights provides unparalleled visibility into all sales channels, renewals, cross sells, upsells, and automatically identifies pipeline risks. Likewise, with highly accurate sales forecasts, finance can use Host Analytics Planning and Modeling Cloud applications to identify risks to the company's overall financial plan and earnings.

  • Improve execution against sales and earnings targets: Aviso Insights enables sales executives to redeploy resources (e.g., reassign accounts) and take corrective action (e.g., add sales spiffs) to improve sales outcomes and crush their quarterly sales commit. Finance can incorporate more accurate sales forecasts from Aviso into Host Analytics Planning Cloud and take corrective financial action during a quarter (e.g., speed up or slow down hiring or spending) to improve the likelihood of meeting or exceeding earnings projections.

"Using Aviso and Host Analytics in tandem has really improved our entire organization's ability to execute and deliver against our quarterly numbers," said Shawn Farshchi, President and CEO of Saba Software. "Aviso gives us greater pipeline visibility and control in hitting our top-line sales numbers. Meanwhile, Host Analytics allows us to build out a realistic sales plan. Aviso and Host Analytics take care of sales planning and execution needs extremely well."

"This partnership addresses a key need in the EPM market," said Dave Kellogg, CEO at Host Analytics. "Organizations want to use EPM to become more agile and move faster while minimizing risk. Forward visibility, forecast confidence, and the ability to take timely action in both sales and finance are critical in dynamic, competitive markets. We're excited to partner with Aviso and believe Host Analytics and Aviso clients will benefit tremendously from this partnership."

"Our partnership with Host Analytics is a natural extension for both companies," said K.V. Rao, co-founder and CEO of Aviso. "Sales forecasting and financial planning are crucial processes for all organizations. But all forecasts and plans are worthless if you can't consistently execute against them. The Aviso-Host Analytics alliance helps organizations consistently execute against plan. Aviso helps sales executives take proactive action against pipeline risks and hit their quarterly sales commit. With up-to-date sales forecasts from Aviso, Host Analytics helps finance take proactive action to ensure quarterly earnings meet or exceed expectations."

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