HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - May 19, 2015) - Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. is recommending that business jet operators planning to be in Chile during the COPA 2015 period (June 11 - July 4, 2015) to begin securing preferred options for crew and passengers now due to expected heavy aircraft traffic.

COPA 2015 takes place in eight different cities in Chile. In addition to drawing in football teams from 12 nations, this event attracts attendees from all over the world. The eight host cities and their corresponding airports are as follows: Antofagasta (SCFA), La Serena (SCSE), Vina del Mar (SCVM), Santiago (SCEL), Rancagua (the closest recommended airport to this city is SCEL), Valparaiso (the closest recommended airport to this city is SCEL), Concepcion (SCIE), and Temuco (SCQP).

Universal Aviation Chile will be coordinating services on the ground through their FBO at SCEL, and will provide supervisory support at all other airports in Chile.

"We recommended that operators use SCEL as their primary airport for COPA 2015 as parking availability is good, with full general aviation (GA) support services and ground support equipment (GSE) at hand," said Mariana Tsymbalista, FBO Assistant, Universal Aviation Chile. "We expect GA parking restrictions to be imposed at SCSE, SCVM and SCQP. If restrictions go into effect, you'll be able to operate in as an international arrival, and reposition to a different airport for the duration of your stay."

Landing permits are required for all operations to Chile and airport slots will be needed for operations to the airports hosting the games during the COPA 2015 period. "While slot issues are not anticipated during this time, the situation could change at a moment's notice," said Tsymbalista. "So operators should be prepared and avoid last-minute changes that may affect their trip."

"Slot times are very tight, and operators should familiarize themselves with the process," said Tsymbalista. "Stay on top of NOTAMs as information may change as the event draws closer. Authorities will make all of the cities hosting the event an AOE which will require fewer stops for operators. Note that the CIQ clearance procedures for Chile are standardized and will require clearing at the main terminal with the exception of SCEL. Ensure that visas when needed are obtained in advance."

For more information on operating to the COPA America 2015, as well as other business aviation operational information, visit http://www.universalweather.com/blog/tag/copa-2015.

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