DANVERS, MA--(Marketwired - May 20, 2015) - Seacoast Capital ("Seacoast") announced today that it has made an investment in VMC Group Holding Corp. ("VMC") to support the acquisitions of Advanced Antivibration Components ("AAC"), a leading provider of a variety of vibration and shock control solutions, including spring mounts, antivibration pads, and cable isolators, among others; as well as a control stake in Dynamic Certification Laboratory, LLC ("DCL"), a world renown shake table testing facility with close ties to the University of Reno, NV that conducts seismic simulation testing, analysis, reporting, and certification services. Headquartered in Bloomingdale, NJ, VMC is a leading provider of highly engineered passive vibration and seismic isolation and shock control solutions including elastomeric mounts, spring mounts, bases, and architectural mounts, among others, that are utilized across a broad range of demanding industrial, military, aerospace, and commercial applications. 

The acquisitions of AAC and DCL expand VMC's product portfolio, broaden its service offering to include in-house test, measurement, and certification services, and result in a platform that provides comprehensive vibration, seismic, and shock control solutions. "We sought a financing partner to provide the junior capital necessary for the AAC and DCL acquisitions," said John Wilson, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of VMC. "Seacoast's team delivered through every step of the financing process. From due diligence, to structuring, to strategic advice, we were extremely impressed with Seacoast. VMC has found not just a financing partner, but a true thought partner in Seacoast Capital, and we look forward to growing together in the future."

Jeff Holland, Partner at Seacoast Capital, stated, "We believe that the acquisitions of AAC and DCL result in an industry leading platform that is poised to benefit from the strong tailwinds within the seismic and vibration control industry. Seacoast is excited to partner with John Wilson Jr. and VMC, and we look forward to a bright future together."

About VMC Group Holding Corp.

VMC Group Holding Corp. Founded in 1898 under the name Korfund Dynamics, and currently headquartered in Bloomingdale, NJ, VMC is a leading provider of highly engineered passive vibration isolation and shock control solutions utilized across a wide range of demanding industrial, military, aerospace, and commercial applications. VMC is comprised of four brands (Vibration Mountings and Controls, Inc., Aeroflex International Isolators, Korfund Dynamics, and Amber/Booth) whose iconic and global brand names are synonymous with technological advancement within the vibration and shock control industry. VMC's broad portfolio of solutions include low-cost, but mission critical components consisting of elastomer mounts, spring mounts, seismic products, and supplemental bases, among others. The Company's solutions are designed to limit the transmission of vibration, impact, seismic, and wind forces to protect larger systems that are at risk from a seismic event (i.e. earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, bomb blasts, etc.). In addition to its product portfolio, VMC offers value-added engineering services that include system design, shake table test & measurement solutions, finite element analysis, and International Building Code and OSHPD/California Building Code seismic certification.

About Seacoast Capital

Seacoast Capital was founded in 1994 to make non-controlling subordinated debt and equity investments in privately-held lower middle market companies. Seacoast specializes in "sponsorless" transactions, preferring to invest directly with company owners or management teams, although it will selectively consider investments led by professional investor groups. Seacoast typically provides between $3 million and $12 million of debt and equity capital for acquisitions, growth, shareholder buyouts, management buyouts, and leveraged recapitalizations. While industry agnostic, Seacoast broadly invests in the specialty manufacturing, value-added distribution, and business services sectors. Seacoast generally targets investments in companies with $10 million to $150 million in revenue and $2 million or more of EBITDA. With offices in Boston and San Francisco, Seacoast has invested over $260 million in over 20 states since 1994. Seacoast is currently investing its third fund, Seacoast Capital Partners III, L.P.

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