ONTARIO, CA--(Marketwired - May 20, 2015) - Starting with the Vantage FLEX Product Line, Vantage LED revisited the common LED module. A module consists of a small matrix of LEDs, that when stacked together, make up the LED sign’s display area. Their newly redesigned FLEX240 LED modules are all universal in size, feature (8) new pitches from low (24mm) to high (5mm) definition resolution, and best of all, ultra-low power, requiring 30% of power when compared to leading manufacturers.

Having a universal module design means the end-user (the business owner) has flexibility with the Vantage FLEX display they purchased. If they’re a new or small business, they can get into a low pitch budget-conscious display today (like a 24mm), use it to grow their business with on-premise advertising, and then upgrade to a higher pitch display later (like a 10mm) simply by switching out the FLEX modules. The ultra-low power means a business owner can have the display installed on an existing low amp circuit, or have the flexibility to use solar power.

Vantage’s new FLEX Product Line also breaks a big standard in the industry. It comes with an amazing 7 year parts warranty and 7 years of onsite service all insured through a third party warranty provider. This instills overwhelming confidence for the dealer partner as well as peace of mind for the client as they can completely focus on their business.

With the new Vantage FLEX Business Terms, sign companies now have the flexibility to grow their business on their terms. With their first order, they will begin their growth with a standard 50% deposit and 30 day terms. In as little as six orders, they can earn the flexibility of 30% deposit and 180 day terms; flexibility to keep more cash in-house, buy more equipment or materials, hire more employees, or even create a payment plan for their client.

Now that Vantage LED has helped dealer partners on the front end, the back end of business it just as vital to a dealer partner’s cash flow. Vantage offers Guaranteed Lead Times as little as two weeks. Standard production time for an LED display is typically 4-6 weeks, but can vary depending on production load. If a dealer partner needs more than a promise, Vantage will guarantee the dealer partner’s desired lead time. If they fail to meet the date, Vantage will offer a credit on their order.

Chris Ma, founder and CEO of Vantage LED, stated, “I have a passion to keep this industry fresh and alive by creating unique innovations and impactful solutions. I enjoy finding new synergies in everything we do alongside the people we meet and work with everyday. It’s exciting and very inspiring. I love our tagline, ‘Never An Ordinary Experience.’ It constantly reminds us to cherish the great moments while we push this dynamic industry forward.”

Vantage FLEX simply means flexibility; a whole new mentality they want to embrace and share. There is simply no “one way” to do business, and Vantage LED understands this completely and every year they push product innovation and constantly engage dealer partners and their businesses to learn more about what’s important to them.

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