SPEC (Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation) EW Group is pleased to announce the availability of its latest ADEPTM EW operational products, hardware-in-the-loop EW simulators, EW system development environment and test equipment, and EW test range and training products.

SPEC has added significant features to its ADEPTM 1300 target simulator. The ADEPTM 1300 is a 1-18GHZ, 1.3GHz instantaneous bandwidth coherent target generator. The ADEPTM 1300 provides coherent signal processing of radar signals including delay, amplitude, phase and Doppler modulation, countermeasures technique generation and radar environment simulation. Enhanced features include:

• Identification and processing of specific pulses of interest using a PRI tracker
• Multiple False Target (MFT) mode producing up to 255 false targets
• Velocity and range countermeasure pull-off techniques
• Chaff scenario generation to simulate aircraft chaff deployment
• Simulation of up to four radar systems in pulse generator mode
• Programmable noise generation
• Spectral, O’scope and data recording of input and output pulses and applied techniques over the internet
• Synchronization of multiple systems

SPEC is announcing an advanced ADEPTM 12 channel Pulse Repetition Interval (PRI) tracker to its ADEPTM T4000 EW Techniques Engine. The ADEPTM T4000 has multiple RF options from 1-18GHz with a standard 1.4GHz instantaneous bandwidth. The ADEPTM T4000 can track multiple radar pulses and provide advanced countermeasures techniques for platform and force protection. The PRI tracker allows the user to identify and simultaneously track and engage up to 12 radars of interest. The ADEPTM T4000 can be configured for up to 128 independent processing kernels for multi-mission operations, fluidly integrating ES, EA and EP capabilities for simultaneous engagements of multiple radars and for generation of complex RF scenes. SPEC has also recently developed and released advanced signal characterization and techniques algorithms to counter enhanced radars and communication systems.

SPEC is continuing to develop advanced countermeasure techniques in its suite of products including the recent release of a Random Multiple False Targets (RMFT) mode that allows randomized amplitude, delay and Doppler effects on up to 256 targets.

SPEC has just completed the initial rollout of the ADEPTM Blade, which covers a 20MHz – 2.5GHz operational range. The ADEPTM Blade is an advanced single card DRFM, specifically designed for state-of-the-art communications countermeasures. With 16 bit input and output and user bandwidths programmable from 1-128MHz, the ADEPTM Blade incorporates the full ensemble of DRFM techniques of the ADEPTM T4000 and is designed to accommodate the most advanced communications countermeasures algorithms.

SPEC EW Group is based in Austin, Texas. SPEC EW Group products include a portfolio of cutting edge, commercialized electronic warfare (“EW”) products, based upon its “critical national asset ADEPTM technology”, essential to rapidly evolving mission requirements for transparently integrated EW, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (“ISR”), and spectrum management solutions. Among its capabilities to address these markets, SPEC EW Group offers the world’s most advanced, operationally proven integrated EW, SIGINT and spectrum management solutions, tactical Digital Radio Frequency Memory (“DRFM”) products, EW environment and radar simulators, and complex radio frequency (“RF”) scene generators.

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