MELVILLE, SASKATCHEWAN--(Marketwired - May 21, 2015) - With support from the federal Gas Tax Fund, the City of Melville has just completed phase 1 of its new water treatment plant. This included the construction of two new potable water wells. The wells will replace the surface water source the city had been using and now supply residents and businesses with a reliable source of clean, clear water.

The federal Gas Tax Fund provides predictable, long-term funding to municipalities to help build and rehabilitate their infrastructure. It is a flexible program that allows communities to choose and plan infrastructure projects based on their specific priorities. Funding is provided twice per year, and municipalities can pool, bank and borrow against this funding, providing significant financial flexibility. These projects improve the local quality of life and produce jobs, which contributes to the economy.

Last year, there were 169 active drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects with funding allocated from the federal Gas Tax Fund, supporting a total of 139 communities across the province. The projects range from water treatment plant upgrades to sewage lagoon expansion projects, to the installation of remotely-read water meters.

Quick Facts

  • For the Melville project, the Government of Canada contributed $185,400 through the federal Gas Tax Fund to the first phase of the construction of the new drinking water treatment plant. The City of Melville contributed close to $1.040 million of the total estimated cost of $1.225 million for the first phase of this project.
  • For the 169 water and wastewater projects, the total federal contribution currently allocated through the Gas Tax Fund, including the Melville project, is $28,160,589.
  • Between 2014 and 2024, the Government of Canada will provide over $56 million in annual funding for municipal infrastructure in Saskatchewan through the federal Gas Tax Fund.
  • Combined with investments under other federal infrastructure programs, Saskatchewan has benefited from over $1.1 billion in federal funding toward infrastructure improvements since 2006.


"Since 2006, our Government has been investing in infrastructure projects that strengthen the economy and contribute to healthier, more sustainable communities, big and small, across the country. Thanks to the construction of a new drinking water treatment plant, the residents of Melville, as well as surrounding rural municipalities and First Nations communities, will continue to receive safe, clean drinking water."

Garry Breitkreuz
Member of Parliament for Yorkton-Melville

"Our Government recognizes the importance of stable, long-term funding to help municipalities with their new infrastructure builds and the rehabilitation of existing systems. Last year, Melville and 138 other communities across Saskatchewan were able to embark or pursue on water and wastewater projects with the help of the federal Gax Tax Fund."

The Honourable Gerry Ritz
Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

"Presently, we are able to provide our citizens with quality water. However, we are very much in a stress situation in that our water system is near the end of its functional life span. Federal Gas Tax funding has enabled us to prepare for our future by developing two new well sites as well as related infrastructure. This Gas Tax support has been graciously received by our City and now allows us to further explore the Phase Two development of a new water plant which has long been a major community and regional priority."

Walter Streelasky
Mayor of Melville

"SUMA has worked hard to ensure urban Saskatchewan has access to the federal Gas Tax Fund contributions, so it's gratifying to see these predictable dollars flowing into Saskatchewan's cities, towns, and villages. Every dollar counts in a municipal budget and we are grateful for this funding."

Debra Button
President of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA)

"The Gas Tax Fund benefits rural and urban municipalities by providing funding for municipal infrastructure projects that benefit residents and, in turn, our economy. The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities is pleased to see that these important projects were made possible thanks to the Federal Gas Tax Fund."

Ray Orb
President of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM)

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The Government of Canada delivers for Saskatchewan

During 2014, there were 169 active Water and Wastewater projects in 139 communities in Saskatchewan that had a total of $28,160,589 allocated from the federal Gas Tax Fund.

Municipality Project Description Total GTF
Allocated to
Aberdeen Potable water project $384,291
Albertville Water well connection project $7,000
Alice Beach New water well $7,608
Alida Water treatment system upgrade $70,375
Alvena Lagoon dredging $8,442
Alvena Curbside water valves replacement $8,000
Arborfield Water treatment plant upgrade $40,948
Archerwill New water treatment plant $85,108
Arran Water system upgrade $15,401
Assiniboia Radio read meter replacement program $116,711
Assiniboia Utilities control system replacement program $150,000
Aylsham Lagoon upgrade $8,278
Aylsham Well pumphouse upgrade $16,494
Balgonie Lift station upgrade $22,190
Bethune Lagoon expansion $187,744
Biggar Waste water treatment plant aeration system upgrade $494,984
RM of Birch Hills No. 460 Water treatment plant water pressure system replacement $10,548
RM of Blucher No. 343 Water drainage study project $210,000
RM of Blucher No. 343 Bradwell tank fill and waterline installation $102,000
Bracken Water treatment plant upgrade $7,349
Bradwell New ground water monitor (piezometer) $14,000
Bradwell Municipal water reservoir replacement $16,799
Briercrest Village pumphouse refurbishment $27,802
RM of Buckland No. 491 White Star West drainage project $346,000
Buchanan Water meters replacement $11,900
Buffalo Narrows Installation of sewer service on Sakwasew Street $92,377
Buffalo Narrows Installation of water service on Sakwasew Street $92,377
Bulyea Lagoon improvements $20,000
Canwood Sewer line and lift station assessment $26,005
Canwood Lift station and lagoon upgrade $125,810
Caronport Village drainage system upgrade $327,105
Caronport Water supply distribution upgrade $66,263
RM of Chesterfield No. 261 Potable water pumping sites $18,034
Coderre Reverse osmosis drinking water system installation $5,905
Conquest Lagoon upgrade and expansion $8,500
Conquest Water pump station system upgrade $9,545
Craven Sewer lift station reconstruction $114,114
Cut Knife New backup water well $169,472
Dalmeny Water pumphouse and storage reservoir upgrade $239,562
RM of District of Lakeland No. 521 Murray Point drainage project $210,000
Drake Lagoon expansion $63,507
Dubuc Municipal building water saving device installation $1,500
Dubuc Water hydrant and pump replacement $1,400
Dysart Waterline replacement $24,201
Elfros Water mains, hydrants, lagoon and water treatment plant upgrade $49,163
Elrose Lagoon expansion $236,737
Endeavour Water system upgrade $19,170
Esterhazy New water treatment plant $140,627
Esterhazy New test pumping well $500,480
Eston Force main replacement and enhancement $133,617
Etters Beach Curbside water valve installation $3,810
RM of Excel No. 71 Viceroy sewer lines upgrade $1,617
RM of Excel No. 71 Viceroy water system and water line upgrade $23,767
Fairlight Water treatment plant distribution pumps upgrade $4,000
Flin Flon - Boundary Area New water treatment plant $164,251
RM of Foam Lake No. 276 Fishing Lake lagoon expansion assessment $6,650
Fort Qu'Appelle Sewer lift station No. 2 upgrade $225,000
Fort Qu'Appelle Water treatment plant upgrade $330,000
Fort San Drainage upgrade $29,242
Francis Lagoon expansion $59,652
Gainsborough Installation of new lagoon fence $15,000
Gerald Lagoon upgrade $52,574
Goodeve Water treatment system expansion $10,702
Goodeve Water treatment system expansion - 2 $2,000
Govan Water treatment plant upgrade $17,119
Grayson Water treatment plant evaluation and modification $39,373
Halbrite Lagoon upgrade $15,992
Halbrite Water treatment plant tank installation $25,262
Hanley Water distribution facility backup generator installation $28,449
Hawarden Sewer lift station $26,157
Hazlet Water treatment plant upgrade $49,063
Hubbard Water treatment plant chlorination equipment upgrade $5,080
Island View New sewage lagoon $21,190
Jansen Water treatment plant upgrade $30,910
Jansen Water meters upgrade $6,451
Jansen Water treatment plant generator installation $2,500
Kannata Valley Water hydrants replacement $21,826
Kelliher New lift station $92,225
Kenosee Lake Lagoon expansion $111,269
Kenosee Lake Pumping station upgrade $27,125
Killaly Water well development $20,160
Kincaid Sewer lift station upgrade $54,210
Kipling Water valve and hydrants replacement $65,728
Kisbey Installation of additional sewer line to lagoon $37,015
Krydor Sewer system upgrade $3,000
RM of Lac Pelletier No. 107 Sewage lagoon expansion $112,118
Lebret Water well connection project $2,855
Leslie Beach Well filtration system installation $2,333
Lestock Water treatment plant upgrade $34,964
Lintlaw Water treatment plant enhancement $8,277
Lipton Remote-read water meters upgrade $32,845
Loreburn Water main and fire hydrant upgrade $15,714
Lumsden New storm sewer on James Street $62,405
Macnutt Installation of buffer zone area around village well $5,725
Macnutt Well hydrogeological assessment $14,490
Macoun New lagoon containment berm $32,794
Mankota New water meters $24,575
Marshall Water treatment plant electrical upgrade $22,576
Meadow Lake 9th Avenue lift station replacement $207,902
Melville New water treatment plant - phase 1 185,400
Mendham New water treatment plant $14,651
Milestone Lagoon expansion design and consulting services $110,294
Milestone Waterworks system upgrade $78,904
Minton Water treatment system improvements $15,042
Moose Jaw Buffalo Pound water treatment plant upgrade $438,971
Moose Jaw New water feeder line for South Hill area $2,677,392
Neudorf Water treatment plant upgrade $117,398
Nokomis Lagoon expansion $78,851
Norquay Lagoon expansion $55,158
North Portal Water treatment plant upgrade $35,421
Northern Saskatchewan Administration District Water and sewer installation $4,894
Ogema Sewage lagoon expansion $38,352
Osage Water pumphouse expansion $8,561
Oxbow Water well replacement $199,246
Perdue Sewer line and manholes replacement $24,835
Pleasantdale Lagoon, culvert and ditch upgrade $8,086
Pleasantdale Water treatment plant upgrade $2,014
Plunkett Water treatment upgrade $14,600
Preeceville Water treatment plant upgrade $161,736
Prince Albert Installation of wastewater treatment plant grinder $2,394,112
Prince Albert Sewage septic dumping sites $155,000
Prince Albert Sewage pumping station upgrade $3,248,053
Prud'homme New lagoon $23,298
Punnichy Sewer pump upgrade $8,602
Quinton Curbside water valve and chlorine pump installation $9,000
Radisson Lagoon expansion $28,684
Radisson Water reservoir upgrade $62,395
Radisson Water main and sewer line extension $107,854
Regina Beach Lagoon expansion $462,987
Rhein Lagoon dredging $30,000
Ridgedale Suction line replacement and addition of a new pump $12,741
Rouleau New lagoon expansion and wetland $77,329
Ruddell Water and sewer upgrade in the regional park $1,700
Semans Lagoon upgrade $8,072
Semans Water treatment plant upgrade $20,000
Shamrock Water system upgrade $4,117
Silton New water well $14,626
Silton Water filtration system installation $21,710
Sintaluta Water line upgrade $14,000
Spiritwood Lift station upgrade $159,870
Stewart Valley New well and trench upgrade $11,973
St. Walburg Lagoon expansion project $226,347
Stenen Water valve and fire hydrant replacement project $5,015
Stockholm Lagoon expansion project $159,073
Storthoaks New water well $17,000
Stoughton Water meters upgrade $47,112
Stoughton New water filtration plant $362,274
Strasbourg Lagoon expansion $195,598
Swift Current Water treatment plant upgrade and expansion $1,853,847
Tantallon Water line and reservoir upgrade $41,643
Tompkins Water meter installation $32,073
Tompkins Water treatment plant upgrade $8,000
Turtleford Water meter replacement $99,121
Wadena Water meter replacement $63,055
Wadena Water line replacement $33,108
Watson Valves and water hydrants replacement $445,532
Wawota Main water supply line replacement $80,000
Weekes Pumphouse upgrade $8,989
Weldon Lagoon upgrade $16,151
Welwyn Water treatment plant upgrade $27,082
Weyburn New primary sewage pumping station $148,433
RM of Wheatlands No. 163 New bulk water station $60,752
RM of Whiska Creek No. 106 New water treatment plant backup generator in Hamlet of Pamburn $11,714
Willow Bunch Ground water treatment plant upgrade $132,623
Wiseton New water pipeline servicing the rural municipalities of Monet and Lacadena, and the towns of Elrose and Kyle (Saskatchewan Landing Regional Water Pipeline) $17,661
Wolseley Spillway upgrade $83,590
Yarbo Lift station and lagoon upgrade $5,080
Yorkton New storm water ponds $5,460,779
Young Water treatment plant expansion and new reverse osmosis system $99,623

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