OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 21, 2015) - Following the tallying of votes received from a record number of voters during the 2015 Worst Roads campaign, CAA North & East Ontario (CAA NEO) has announced the highly-anticipated Top 10 list, with Algonquin Boulevard West, in Timmins taking the top spot.

"This year's top two roads, Algonquin Boulevard West and East, received the highest number of votes in the history of the campaign," said Christina Hlusko, President and CEO of CAA NEO. "In many cases, the northern connecting link of which these roads are a part is the major link to neighbouring communities, making them frequently used by the vast majority of residents. With this year's results, the residents of Timmins are sending a clear message that these roads need attention."

Making the Top 10 alongside Algonquin Boulevard West and East was Riverside Drive in Timmins. These three roads account for just a portion of the 350 kilometers of roads and 70 bridges along connecting links in 77 municipalities across Ontario. This past April the provincial government announced it was committing $15 million annually to a new Connecting Links program, which will help municipalities pay the construction and repair costs for connecting links - municipal roads that connect communities to provincial highways.

Mayor Steven Black of Timmins was vocal over the course of the campaign calling on his community to vote.

"I am thankful to the residents of Timmins who rallied together with my support to ensure our provincial connecting link roads finished in the Top 10," said Black. "Hopefully with the three sections of the connecting link in Timmins and Highway 144 in Sudbury making the list the province will realize that they are coming up short for northern Ontario in terms of funding for infrastructure - we are ready to be part of the solution but need the province to commit their share of the funding."

This year, for the first time in the campaign's history, CAA also compiled regional top five lists. All the roads appearing on the top five and Top 10 list have been verified by the Ontario Road Builders' Association. CAA will present these lists and make recommendations to both the provincial and municipal governments.

Ontario's Top 10 Worst Roads for 2015:

  1. Algonquin Boulevard West (Timmins)
  2. Algonquin Boulevard East (Timmins)
  3. Dufferin Street (Toronto)
  4. Highway 144 (Greater Sudbury)
  5. Carling Avenue (Ottawa)
  6. Radical Road (Port Dover)
  7. Burlington Street (Hamilton)
  8. Riverside Drive (Timmins)
  9. Dominion Road (Fort Erie)
  10. Bayview Avenue (Toronto)

For more information on the Top 10 list and to see the list of top five regional roads please visit

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