RENO, NV--(Marketwired - May 22, 2015) - Legacy Advertising's first two quarters have shown massive growth that is rarely seen in the area of marketing and advertising in up-and-coming Reno, NV. Reno appears to be growing at such a high rate because of recent tax breaks for businesses. This new boom in Nevada shows a promise to create tens of thousands of jobs over the next two years. Because of this, Legacy's rate of expansion needs to follow suit to be able to keep up with demand. Legacy is expecting great things, not only for the city of Reno, but also their business structure which has a proven track record of promotion and growth on a national scale. The company is currently seeking motivated and ambitious candidates who will be trained into future marketing managers overseeing entire territories.

Legacy is currently ahead of schedule with their goals and projections for the second half of 2015 as their management-training program continues to grow and cultivate strong new business managers and client acquisition. In April, Erick Cotterell opened his office after completing his training in just over eight months. Erick started entry-level in his hometown, Reno, after deciding that a career in industrial cleaning wasn't the path for him. He has since graduated to running his own market and shows no sign of slowing down. Legacy's rapid success in the entertainment industry has opened doors to expanding into the energy, cellular and technological industries.

Legacy Advertising Solutions manager, Erick, said, "I couldn't be more excited to see what the future holds for my representatives and my organization. We are currently in three fortune 500 retailers for our local satellite campaign, and will be growing into the remaining two retailers in our market within the next four to six weeks. As a rising manager that has seen the successes of our management-training program and has been privileged to receive the training necessary to conquer it, I can proudly say that Legacy Advertising is on the right track." By attaining new clients and campaigns, Erick will become a promoting manager, able to pass on the opportunity that was given to him. Legacy will be launching new campaigns in many other big box retailers, locally and nationally. Those new acquisitions show a bright future for a young company. "With gaining one of the largest cellular companies in the world, as well as other products in solar, television and telecommunications, there are endless possibilities for future expansion."

The management team at Legacy Advertising feels very fortunate to be entrusted to promote their clients' services and products. The company has proven to be the perfect place to begin a career in a fast-paced, goal oriented field due to the structure of their training program. Legacy is currently conducting interviews in search for its next supervisors and managers to oversee its current and future campaigns.

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Jessica Cotterell
HR Manager