LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - May 22, 2015) - Hong Kong's sardine-like Central District has long handed an advantage to businesses, though it appears that the area has finally outgrown itself. In answer to the issue, developers have set their sights on the undeveloped land that lies across the water. The new issue of Business Destinations takes an in-depth look at Hong Kong's transformation and its improved business and cultural credentials.

While historically the city's small size has worked in its favour, businesses have now been forced to make creative use of the space both within and beyond the city's original core. Business Destinations looks also at Hong Kong's changed status as a hub for art and culture, and looks forward to a string of planned construction projects.

"As Hong Kong grows into a hub for culture as well as commerce, fine art as well as finance, it seems natural that its heart should shift to the peninsula where that new cultural scene has its core," according to the Business Destinations report.

Also included in the new issue of Business Destinations, the magazine looks at India's $137bn of planned renovation works for its creaking railway network, the significance of Japan's cherry blossom festival, and the reasons for a reunification of North and South Korea.

To read any of the aforementioned stories, and many more relating to the world of travel and tourism, pick up the new issue of Business Destinations, available online and in print now.

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