CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwired - May 22, 2015) - Datalliance today announced availability of a new solution brief outlining advanced Datalliance VMI capabilities and support services that provide suppliers with a comprehensive, methodical approach to managing the migration process from one product to another with their distributor partners. The Datalliance VMI product migration process has been designed to enable trading partners to work closely together to maximize availability and sales while minimizing any need for returns. The solution brief can be downloaded at The capabilities described are available today in the Datalliance VMI platform.

It is well recognized that the migration from one product to another is almost always a challenge to manage for both suppliers and distributors. When new products are introduced to replace existing products due to design innovations or external forces such as changes in regulatory requirements, two problems can result: lost sales because of availability problems during the change-out period, and/or reduced profitability because of excess residual inventory. VMI establishes the collaborative relationship and information-sharing processes to better manage product migrations, and the Datalliance VMI platform adds extended capabilities designed specifically to handle this important aspect of product life cycle management. Both the supplier and the distributor gain the advantages of a smooth, profitable migration process.  

"We are continually working to extend the boundaries of VMI with innovative capabilities that enable closer supplier-distributor collaboration and streamline challenging inventory management processes," states Carl Hall, Datalliance President and CEO. "Once suppliers and their trading partners establish a collaborative relationship around our VMI platform, they are in a position to jointly address many more sales and supply chain enhancement opportunities in an efficient and profitable manner. Our product migration management tools are just one example of the types of solutions we provide to do that."

All Datalliance users benefit from best practices derived from innovations originating across multiple industries. And because the Datalliance VMI platform is delivered as a cloud-based service, everyone gets access to new capabilities right away without the need to perform time-consuming software upgrades. That greatly reduces the time-to-benefit for both suppliers and their trading partners.

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Datalliance is the world's largest independent Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service provider. Delivered as a cloud-based platform backed by extensive customer service, Datalliance VMI makes it easy for suppliers and their customers to establish sales and inventory management relationships that fully align business objectives, improve collaboration, and streamline supply chain operations. Datalliance manages billions of dollars in orders, millions of SKUs, and thousands of locations worldwide for leading companies in consumer, industrial and healthcare markets. For more information about Datalliance, visit

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