CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwired - May 22, 2015) - InsideTracker the personalized health analytic service, has announced it is partnering with GU Energy Labs, CrossFit New England and Spartan Race, three companies focused on elite performance to conduct a Super Human Study with their extreme athletes. The study will see InsideTracker experts periodically test and offer science-based nutritional advice to participants such as Freddie Rodriguez, Mat Fraser and Ben Bergeron as they prepare to compete in major endurance events including cycling's infamous Amgen Tour of California, the iconic Reebok CrossFit Games and the grueling Reebok Spartan World Championship.

InsideTracker analyzes the core data that flows within us all, the composition of biomarkers contained within our blood. Its Ultimate Plan looks at the 30 biomarkers most associated with a range of functions including Strength & Endurance, Energy & Metabolism, Bone & Muscle Health, Minerals, Brain & Body Function, Inflammation/Immune Health, Oxygen & Performance, Sex Drive and Sexual Function, and Liver Health. It then provides nutrition and lifestyle interventions to optimize each biomarker based on an individual's biochemistry.

The Super Human Study will test the role of this advanced science in extreme training with participants being tested before, during and immediately after major competitions. The learnings from the study will help the competitors' performance as well as provide insights to InsideTracker in developing further programs tailored to the most extreme of athletes. 

During extreme cycling events, athletes need to be at peak performance at just the right moment and expel huge amounts of energy mid-event. The GU Energy Lab study is focusing on biomarkers associated with endurance and stamina such as cortisol, vitamin D, ferritin, hemoglobin and free testosterone as well as Creatine Kinase that are important to avoid injury and speed active recovery. GU Energy Labs used this information to provide the right gels, chews and recovery products during the Amgen Tour of California on May 8 - 17 and will use the insights to improve the athletes' post event recovery strategies. It's participating Super Human Athletes include Freddie Rodriguez, Yuri Hauswald, Selene Yeager, and Brian Vaughan.

The second Super Human Study is with CrossFit New England run by Ben Bergeron, one of the most successful CrossFit trainers in history. The Super Human Study will involve 6 athletes Ben is training for the Reebok CrossFit Games 2015, including Mathew Fraser the favorite to be crowned the Fittest on Earth™. InsideTracker analysis and diet recommendations will be integrated into Ben's training plans focusing on building strength and endurance and mitigating injury rates.

For the third trial, Spartan will monitor 10 Reebok Spartan Race Pro Team athletes for the Super Human Study to focus on optimizing the racers' overall fitness to maximize their performance. The athletes will be monitored throughout the 2015 Reebok Spartan Race season as they prepare to compete at the 2015 Reebok Spartan Race World Championship this fall at Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe. Spartan athletes have a strong combination of both functional fitness and endurance, necessary to navigate the world's best obstacle race course, ranging in distance from 3 - 13+ miles, riddled with mud, water, walls, ropes and other Spartan Race signature obstacles.

"We are delighted to be conducting The Super Human Studies with GU Energy Labs, CrossFit New England and Spartan Race and bring the InsideTracker scientific platform to athletes of such impressive caliber," said Dr. Gil Blander, Founder and Chief Science Officer of InsideTracker, "Blood does not lie and the information contained within these biomarkers provide science-based insights that can give athletes at all levels the 'Inner Edge' to improve performance."

"GU Energy Labs roots its products in science and our customers along with the elite athletes we support constantly search for resources that can give a competitive edge," said Brian Vaughan, GU Chief Endurance Officer. "With InsideTracker we are able to bring the power of advance sports science and medicine to help our extreme cyclists hit the peak of their performance at the exact moment its needed most. The Tour of California and our work with InsideTracker is giving us an unprecedented opportunity to conduct our own lab work, and give us hard data on what nutritional planning is needed and effective for efforts at this level."

"I look forward to using the science behind InsideTracker to enhance the performance of my CrossFit athletes," said Ben Bergeron, coach and owner of CrossFit New England. "CrossFit New England is a strength and conditioning facility that develops individuals, athletes, and teams to reach elite levels of fitness through constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. Using InsideTracker's individualized biomarker recommendations my athletes will achieve things they didn't know they could and reach their goal of becoming Super Human."

"Spartan Race is all about competing to win against difficult obstacles," said Joe DeSena, founder and CEO of Spartan. "The athletes using InsideTracker to monitor specific biomarkers should be in peak training condition allowing them to not only meet each challenge in the race but exceed their own goals and beat their competition."

Co-founded by Dr. Gil Blander, himself an expert in aging and biomarker analytics, InsideTracker has been developed and advised by a stellar team of world-class scientists. This illustrious list includes professors from Harvard, MIT and Tufts University, many of whom are recognized leaders in their fields, such as Dr. Lenny Guarente, one of the foremost authorities on the biology of aging, Dr. David Sinclair, named by TIME as one of the most 100 influential people in the world and Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg, sports medicine advisor to the US Olympic Committee and author of over 300 publications in the field of nutrition. This team has applied their own research, expertise and analysis of thousands of peer-reviewed articles and clinical studies to create one of the most robust health platforms available.

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