BROCKVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 25, 2015) - Injured workers Richard Hudon and Peter Page, with the support of the Ontario Network of Injured Workers' Groups (ONIWG), have embarked on a 600 km bike ride from Ottawa to Toronto to coincide with June 1st Injured Workers Day demonstration and rally held for the past 33 years at Queen's Park in Toronto. The cyclists will pass through Brockville on May 26 to draw attention to the current state of affairs at the Workers' Compensation Board known now as the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB).

"Our 100 year old system is being destroyed by uncaring government bureaucrats David Marshall and Kathleen Wynne. Their callous disregard for the plight of injured workers is evident in the cost cutting attacks upon injured workers' benefits. The denial of a workers' right to fair compensation is fundamentally wrong and goes against what the system was set up to do," said Peter Page. "If a worker is injured at work, she or he should be compensated for any resulting disability not pushed into poverty and forgotten."

"Our message to Ontario workers is that you must ask yourself what kind of support they would want if you or a family member was injured or made ill at work," said Richard Hudon, an amputee from Sudbury. "Under WSIB President David Marshall, that support will not be there."

What: Brockville stop during a 600 km "Bike Ride for Justice for Injured Workers"
Who: Injured workers Richard Hudon and Peter Page
Where: Out front of the Days Inn Brockville, 160 Stewart Blvd, Brockville
When: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 4:00 pm
Photo Op: Injured workers available for comment in both English and French

Richard and Peter will be asking all concerned to sign the Big Book of Injured Workers to show their support for a compensation system that will provide the help a worker needs when injured.

Support this bike ride by donating to Richard and Peter as they pass through your community. All money collected goes to our provincial organization ONIWG who fight for a fair and equitable system for all stakeholders.

Follow the bike ride itinerary on the web at or on Twitter at @ONIWG.

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Peter Page