BEACONSFIELD, QUÉBEC--(Marketwired - May 25, 2015) - The Mayor of Beaconsfield, Georges Bourelle, and all Council members intend to carefully study the pros and cons of the proposed Cogeco project on Highway 20 and consider revenue, as well as social acceptability of the project before making a final decision.

The announcement was made by Mayor Bourelle at the public consultation on Cogeco's proposal to install a billboard on Highway 20, at the intersection of Beaurepaire Drive and City Lane, which was held Monday evening at City Hall. The proposal would allow the City of Beaconsfield to collect more than 3 million dollars in rental revenues over ten years.

"This is equivalent to the tax related to an all new housing development of over 100 houses. This is a large sum, as, even though our local budget is 21.2 million dollars, 12.6 million dollars comes from property taxes. Therefore, this represents an increase in revenues of nearly 2.5% without the City having to provide any services," explained Mayor Bourelle.

He added that, within the context of public finances, this is an element to consider seriously, especially since Beaconsfield is already almost entirely urban, diminishing the possibility of new property tax revenue.

"It is crucial that this project be socially acceptable, which is more important to Council than potential financial advantages. In fact, we have demonstrated this by preserving Angell Woods, despite the significant revenue the City is forgoing by protecting the wooded area rather developing it. We are handling the file in question with the same rigour and without presumptions."

Even if the highway billboard is not adjacent to homes and uses new technologies, its very presence, as well as its screen's visibility would have an impact on the environment.

During the public consultation, the promoter had the opportunity to explain the project, and residents were able to ask questions and express their opinion, whether for or against it.

Council expects to make a final decision at the June 15 meeting.

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