TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 26, 2015) - MedicAlert® Foundation Canada and patient intelligence health solution provider, Self Care Catalysts, have partnered to develop the My MedicAlert App, powered by Health Storylines. The My MedicAlert App will empower more than 1 million Canadian MedicAlert members to take ownership and control of their health.

One in three Canadians have a medical condition paramedics need to know about - fast. Managing and understanding a health condition can mean the difference between life and death for those who have chronic or life threatening medical conditions.

Only MedicAlert:

  • Has a 24/7 Emergency hotline answering calls within an average of 5 seconds
  • Will notify loved ones of the member's condition and whereabouts
  • Is a registered charity that has served over 1 million Canadians for over 50 years
  • Engraves IDs based on globally recognized medical editing standards verified by doctors and paramedics
  • Educates and trains paramedics,, police and other emergency first responders

"Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Even so, Canadians, especially those with medical conditions need to play a direct and substantial role in their own healthcare management. Maintaining accurate electronic health records has the ability to impact quality of care and save lives in the event of an emergency," says Robert Ridge, President and CEO of MedicAlert Foundation Canada. "Mobile technology empowers us to take ownership over our health information, and we are delighted to partner with Self Care Catalysts to provide MedicAlert members with the ability to update and access their MedicAlert record and actively participate in their own health management journey."

Industry research notes that, 3/4 of healthcare costs result from chronic diseases, and 1 in 4 Canadians are affected by medical error; situations that can be prevented through better management of daily patient behaviors and more accurate medical record keeping. Using the My MedicAlert App, members can chronicle their own personal health story, track daily self-management behaviors and routines (such as diet/nutrition, exercise and medications), and engage their circle of support to improve communication and collaboration with healthcare partners. MedicAlert members can also use the My Medic Alert App to make unlimited updates to their medical record with information such as medication, health or contact information changes on the Web or directly from their tablet or smartphone, ensuring their health record is always current and accurate.

"Our purpose and mission as a company is to shift the power to patients, giving them simple and easy to use tools to have their voice be heard in their healthcare journey. We are very proud to partner with MedicAlert Foundation Canada, an organization with more than 50 years of legacy in helping those living with a medical condition communicate live-saving information in times of need. It is a great honour and privilege to help MedicAlert extend its reach into the mobile world," says Grace Soyao, founder and CEO of Self Care Catalysts.

The My MedicAlert App is available free to all MedicAlert members, and is now available for iOS and Android platforms. Visit to learn more.

About MedicAlert® Foundation Canada

MedicAlert Foundation Canada (MAFCA) is the largest membership-based registered charity in Canada and the leading provider of emergency medical information services for more than one million Canadians since 1961. Its mission is to protect Canadians and save lives. Learn more about MedicAlert, how it works, and how you or a loved one can become a member at or by calling 1 (800) 668-1507.

About Self Care Catalysts

Self Care Catalysts is a patient solutions, intelligence and analytics company that enables healthcare innovation. We are committed to advocating for patients and consumers when it comes to healthcare decisions. Our belief is that when patients are informed, respected, and engaged, they make better choices. Better choices mean better health outcomes.

Our mission is to build innovative, patient-centered, and technology-driven self-care solutions that will enable patients to continue managing their care outside of the clinical setting. For more information visit us on the web at

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