ROUND ROCK, TX--(Marketwired - May 27, 2015) - Spectacular Media has changed the way sign owners manage their digital sign with their innovative cloud-based software, SM Infinity™. While other manufacturers have attempted to mimic SM Infinity, Spectacular Media continues to stay ahead by offering a well-established platform with more robust features.

Scott Hofheins, Director of Operations in Austin stated, “You know you’re doing something right when others try to imitate your product. We view this as a compliment, knowing that we will always be one step ahead, leading the way with better features and user experience.”

Built specifically for the cloud, SM Infinity does not rely on syncing with other computers or modifications to existing software. Sign owners can completely control outdoor and indoor digital signage with any internet-connected device (PC, Mac, or mobile). SM Infinity goes beyond accessibility, as they continuously update their platform with innovative features that enhance the end-user experience.

“We provide a complete solution from a single platform," added Hofheins. "Professional content service, integrated message creation, scheduling, display management, emergency alerts, RSS feeds and more; it’s all there, anytime and anywhere."

With the Doodle message editor integrated in the SM Infinity platform, end-users can easily create messages for their LED sign on the fly. With the latest update, users can now add animation effects to their messages in a simple timeline format, supporting professional enter, hold, and exit effects. Spectacular Media has specifically designed the Doodle editor with fonts and animation effects that are optimized for digital signage.

Deacon Wardlow, Special Ops Director, Colorado added, “We designed the animation interface and effects to be simple to operate, while still providing creative options and top quality animations for our customers.”

SM Infinity has also improved content scheduling by integrating tabs that help streamline the process. To save their users even more time, they have added the ability to duplicate playlists and link schedules across multiple displays or groups, allowing for easy editing, whether working with one display or one hundred.

SM Infinity gives users the ability to bond with their local community and government by enabling FEMA’s IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert and Warning System) on their display. SM Infinity makes it simple for sign owners to keep their communities informed and safe with local and national amber alerts, weather alerts, and public safety alerts that automatically play on their display during an alert period.

In their efforts to further simplify controlling digital signage, SM Infinity provides users with an intelligent conditional messaging feature. Conditional messaging automatically triggers specific messages to play when certain weather conditions are met. Additionally, users can now view a live stream of the content running on their displays. With the display online, SM Infinity accesses the display directly and plays the scheduled content as it appears on the display.

Spectacular Media recognizes that not all business owners are graphic designers, so they have come up with a cost-effective solution that allows users to consistently update their signs with appealing content, without having to design it themselves or outsource a graphic designer. Users have integrated access to SM’s team of professional graphic designers that ensure their marketing pops on their digital displays in order to increase traffic, sales, and return on investment. Sign owners simply submit graphic requests, and SM Infinity’s team of graphic designers creatively design dynamic still graphics and animations that specifically accommodate the organization’s marketing and unique display size.

"SM Infinity has gone above and beyond what's available in the market today," stated Jayson DeCandis, Owner of Dragonfly Signs. "The integration of so many useful features truly brings a successful balance of simplicity and power that you really can't find anywhere else."

With the reliability of the cloud and the innovative features behind SM Infinity, Spectacular Media is achieving their goal of simplifying and enhancing digital signage and will continue to dominate cloudware for digital signage.

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