DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - May 28, 2015) - With growing concern over the prevalence of non-human "bot" traffic in online advertising, Altitude Digital, the largest independent video supply-side platform (SSP), has launched a first-of-its-kind fraud detection and reporting solution for premium publishers through its partnership with Integral Ad Science, the leading global provider of actionable advertising intelligence for buyers and sellers of digital media.

The new solution relies on Integral Ad Science's Quality Engine, integrated directly with the SSP, to identify fraudulent traffic. Once detected, Altitude Digital's ARENA® platform filters non-human traffic on a pre-opportunity basis, preventing fraudulent opportunities from ever reaching programmatic exchanges or direct advertiser campaigns. Access to this functionality on the supply side enables publishers to proactively manage quality.

"As a partner to the publisher, we've invested in building technology that delivers actionable data to help publishers be smarter and more successful in monetizing their supply," said Manny Puentes, Altitude CTO. "Through our partnership with Integral Ad Science, we have access to industry trusted data and proven fraud detection. We now deliver the most transparent reporting to publishers through our real-time dashboard so they can improve the quality and value of their supply."

Integral's proprietary data science and human verification technologies are designed by leading academics in the data science and machine learning fields. Processing hundreds of billions of impressions each quarter, Integral's technology is the most advanced solution available for quantifying media quality at scale.

"The core of Integral's mission is to provide transparency to all buyers and sellers of digital media, and partnering with Altitude Digital in their efforts to provide the utmost clarity to publishers is another step in this mission," said Kevin Lenane, GM Video at Integral Ad Science. "Altitude Digital is being proactive and forward thinking in their use of Integral's technology and data to report and mitigate non-human traffic before it reaches the auction. This is an important step forward for Altitude's stakeholders, paving the way for a cleaner and more efficient online advertising ecosystem."

The non-human traffic filtering capability is included in ARENA 2.0, the next generation of Altitude Digital's programmatic platform. The updated platform technology provides online publishers with improved data, measurement, transparency and fraud protection, and is the fastest publisher platform in the market.

About Altitude Digital
Altitude Digital delivers powerful video and mobile advertising technology and actionable big data to online publishers to help them expand their ad inventory, increase the value of their advertising and grow their revenue. Altitude's ARENA™ Video SSP delivers greater insight, control and performance for publishers. The company is one of the fastest growing video advertising marketplaces and is listed as one of the 10 largest video platforms by both comScore and Quantcast. Altitude Digital is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in New York and San Francisco.

About Integral Ad Science
Integral Ad Science is a technology company focused on ensuring safe, quality media environments for online advertisers. Employing the industry's only media valuation platform, Integral Ad Science evaluates the media environment and establishes a TRAQ Score (True Advertising Quality), a first-of-its-kind, quantifiable measure of media quality that ultimately benefits every media buyer, seller, publisher and trading platform. TRAQ Score supports an advertiser's ability to plan, execute and target their audience in an environment that reflects their brand image and drives ROI, while simultaneously setting benchmarks for publishers who wish to improve the quality of their content and design to attract premium advertisers. Integral is headquartered in New York with operations in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, London, Berlin, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, and Singapore. Learn more at