MOUNT PLEASANT, Utah, May 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green PolkaDot Box Incorporated (OTC:GPDB) announced today that Innovision Health Media ("IHM"), a premier magazine and periodical publisher in the health and wellness market space, has entered into an agreement with Green PolkaDot Box to become a Health Merchant™.

This agreement benefits GPDB in two ways. First, as a Health Merchant™, IHM plans to market organic and non-GMO foods through its new, online health store—The Health & Wellness Store—powered by Green PolkaDot Box®, to its more than 300,000 health-minded adult readers as a result of advertising and promotion to its three consumer publications: Natural Solutions, Alternative Medicine and Eating Naturally. The first issue of Eating Naturally is due out in early July 2015. The Health and Wellness Store will have a spread ad for the inside front cover of this first issue that will be on over 50,000 newsstands.

IHM will offer "CLEAN" foods, with the possibility of free home delivery, sourced and fulfilled by GPDB, at true wholesale pricing with the lowest price—guaranteed—on all orders. The IHM readership represents a potential marketplace for organic and natural foods exceeding $1 billion, annually. The Health & Wellness Store will open in June 2015.

Immediately, however, IHM will work closely with GPDB to initiate a direct response advertising campaign to promote Health Merchant distributorships to more than 200,000 health care practitioners and professionals served by its several professional magazines entitled: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Integrative Medicine, a Clinician's Journal, Advances in Mind Body Medicine, and the Gut Brain Relationship Conference.

The campaign will also include editorials regarding the Health Merchant concept and a direct email campaign to its 50,000 opt-in health care professionals for the purpose of encouraging professionals to have their own online stores.

Dick Benson, Founder and Publisher at IHM commented on the importance of GPDB's Health Merchant program and its potential for health care practitioners: "As an Integrated Healthcare Practitioner you understand that food is medicine. With over 70% of processed foods found in traditional supermarkets containing GMO's there has to be a better place to buy food. Green PolkaDot is providing a great resource for Practitioners to provide their patients with GMO free, organic and healthier foods at the lowest prices. We urge all practitioners to become Health Merchants and share the foods at their own stores with their patients."

"Innovision Health Media has the trust of its readers. Our agreement with IHM creates an instant sales channel for us to bring in CLEAN food consumers by the hundreds and thousands," says GPDB CEO, Rod Smith. "We know from our extensive testing early this year, and from accumulated market experience, that there is a growing demand for CLEAN foods. And our Health Merchant program empowers individuals, businesses and organizations to educate health-minded consumers within their spheres of influence and provide easy access to CLEAN foods with free home delivery."

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