THETFORD MINES, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - June 2, 2015) - AlliancePharma Inc. (TSX VENTURE:APA) ("AlliancePharma" or "The Company") is pleased to announce it has completed the acquisition of Élitis Pharma Inc. ("Élitis"), (the "Transaction"), becoming the largest provider of replacement pharmacists in Quebec. With this strategic acquisition, AlliancePharma accesses the services of some 600 replacement pharmacists, and consolidates this service throughout Quebec, with a share of about 76% of the market.

The acquisition provides our management team with opportunities that will accelerate the growth objectives of the company while ensuring the level of client service excellence which had made it a success, and ultimately increasing shareholder value.

"We are very proud to have concluded a transaction which makes AlliancePharma a key player in the health services industry in Quebec. We believe that our development strategy generates value in a market that presents an attractive business potential in the short term", commented Marc Lemieux, Chairman of the Board of AlliancePharma Inc.

With industry wide demand for replacement pharmacists growing, AlliancePharma wants to leverage its privileged position in the market, while diversifying its activities into value added areas linked to the health sector. The Company intends to expand into the rest of the Canadian market over the next three years.

The Transaction

In consideration for the acquisition of the shares of Élitis, the Company has paid the shareholders of Élitis a cash amount of $2,800,000 on closing the Transaction, financed by the credit facility described below.

The Company will also make deferred payments totalling $1,350,000, adjusted as per the terms of the agreement, as more fully described in the news release dated March 7, 2015.

The initial consideration of $2,800,000 for the shares of Élitis is fully financed by a secured credit facility granted to the Company by an arm's length party on May 27, 2015 (the "Credit Facility").

As part of the Transaction, the Company has paid a finder's fee of 950,000 common shares for the acquisition and 650,000 common shares and $24,000 for the Credit Facility. All shares issued pursuant to the Transaction will be subject to a hold period of four months and one day, according to Canadian securities law.

Stock Option Plan

The Company also announces that a new incentive stock option plan ("The Plan") for directors, management, staff and consultants has been approved by the Board last May 15 to replace the existing one, subject to approval by TSX Venture ("TSXV"), and ratification by the shareholders of the Company at the 2015 Annual Shareholders' Meeting. The Company has modified its option plan in order to, among other things, (i) take advantage of the flexibility granted by the TSXV policies; (ii) raise to 15% the number of common stock options that can be granted under the Plan; and (iii) extend the maximum exercise period to 10 years.

About AlliancePharma

AlliancePharma is a leader in the recruitment and placement of pharmacists and technical assistants in Quebec. The Acquisition of Élitis Pharma forms part of the vision of the management team of the Company to expand and diversify its activities, which led to its public listing in January, 2015. Additional information regarding the Company is available at and on SEDAR at

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