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This first-of-its-kind security solution combats the increasing number of spy cameras being secreted in workplace 'expectation-of-privacy' areas. Combines two strategies--detection and deterrence.


OLDWICK, N.J., June 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Businesses are worried. Spy cameras secreted in workplace restrooms, locker rooms and shower areas are being discovered at a higher rate than ever – usually by the victims, and mostly by accident. Until now. Spycam Detection Training is a new on-line training tool created to help organizations proactively fight workplace video voyeurism and document their security due diligence. Counterespionage specialist, Kevin D. Murray, with over 35 years of experience detecting illegal workplace electronic surveillance, is the course creator / instructor.

This first-of-its-kind security solution was created to stop:

  • The enormous emotional consequences of voyeur videos – especially if the video goes viral.

The economic loss. Spycam incidents are expensive. Initially, business goodwill and reputation damage losses accrue. Ensuing lawsuits citing foreseeability and sexual harassment legal issues can seriously increase this financial loss. Victim embarrassment is often followed by a lawsuit. One company was ordered to pay $2 million to two former employees over a tragic incident. Unfortunately, very few video voyeurs are ever caught. Their massive daily uploads of video clips to the Internet emphasizes this point. Businesses, educational institutions, country clubs and even community pools face all these problems when video voyeurs strike. In fact, any place offering employees, customers, and visitors a space where personal privacy is expected is at risk. As Murray points out, "If you have a restroom, you have a risk." "I knew this problem hit critical mass," Murray explains, "when an employee at a Fortune 50 company found a spycam hidden in the restroom; the news media snagged the story. Embarrassing mess. The company asked me to help prevent future incidents. Sending our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) team to inspect all their restrooms and locker rooms (worldwide) was impractical. On-line training for their local facilities managers and security staff, supported by a comprehensive official company policy, was the logical, cost-effective solution." Part One of the program's "detection and deterrence strategy" involves establishing written policies. Templates for "Recording in the Workplace" and "Harassment" policies are provided in the course text. Murray points out, "Although written policies cannot prevent the installation of a spy camera, they do accomplish several important things…

  • They have immense deterrence value; voyeurs are basically risk-adverse people.
  • Policies provide discipline and termination leverage should someone not be deterred.
  • They provide the organization with a strong defense in court and arbitration hearings by demonstrating the organization's due diligence.
  • Policies also work to counter other issues, like: business espionage, and secret recordings made for blackmail or labor dispute purposes."

Part Two of the "detection and deterrence strategy" are the pro-active inspections conducted by professionally trained on-site managers or security staff. The inspection training begins with an educational video. Some of the topics covered in the 21 chapters include:

  • What is Expectation of Privacy
  • The Law
  • Spycam Identification
  • Inspection Preparation
  • Search Procedures
  • How to See Through Black Plastic
  • How to Handle a Find

The on-line training concludes with a short quiz. Upon passing the quiz, a personalized Certificate of Completion is issued to the student. Also included is: a downloadable 25-page course text (pdf) with tips and links to additional resources; customizable "Recording in the Workplace" and "Harassment" policy templates; and an Inspection Log template.

Spycams secreted in workplace environments are no longer security anomalies. Like computer viruses and identity theft, video voyeurism is a foreseeable threat. Until now, there was no way to defend against this type of attack. Spycam Detection Training fills that void with a low-cost, proactive strategy suitable for all organizations.

About Murray Associates

Kevin D. Murray, CPP, CISM, founded Murray Associates in 1978. His firm provides electronic surveillance detection and counterespionage consulting services to business and government. Located in the New York area, Murray Associates services are available worldwide. CPP and CISM are Mr. Murray's industry certifications; acronyms for Certified Protection Professional and Certified Information Security Manager. His other innovations include: Is My Cell Phone Bugged? (book); SpyWarn™ (Android spyware detection app); Kevin's Security Scrapbook (iPhone news app); and the SpyWarn™ Anti-Spyware Kit for Smartphones. Mr. Murray recently received the International Association of Professional Security Consultants Lifetime Achievement Award.

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