DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Jun 16, 2015) -  MachineShop, the industry leading Internet of Things (IoT) Middleware Company, announced today that they have enhanced their platform by adopting the Vert.x Application Framework ( Vert.x is an asynchronous, event-driven application platform for the Java Virtual Machine that's designed for modern mobile, web, and enterprise applications. Built for high volume and scalability, the Vert.x framework will provide for significantly higher throughput for the hundreds of API-based services that comprise MachineShop's platform. The transition to Vert.x supports the company's continued push towards zero latency solutions for enterprise IoT and the Industrial Internet.

According to MachineShop's Chief Technology Officer, Greg Jones, "The light-weight, high performance Vert.x framework allows MachineShop to process ten times the volume of requests that were previously possible with the same number of servers. The recent advancement reinforces our commitment and leadership around real-time capabilities for the Industrial Internet and its mission critical applications."

In virtually any deployment model -- edge or cloud -- MachineShop can ingest many thousands of simultaneous messages, translate the raw data, run rules and trigger events all in a matter of milliseconds. All of this can be done without requiring agent software to be deployed or any firmware modifications. In addition to the capacity for higher volume, Vert.x also follows a true polyglot approach, which means developers can choose from a variety of different programming languages to build their apps, be it JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy, Java, or even a mix. This further reinforces MachineShop's commitment to absolute flexibility for developers working with IoT devices and data. 

The move to Vert.x is one of a number of recent product enhancements aimed to improve the scalability of MachineShop's intellectual property. To learn more about MachineShop's offerings, download the free overview here, or visit their website,

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MachineShop provides the on-ramp to the Internet of Services where trillions of transactions will occur between billions of physical things and their interactions with other systems, applications, and people. MachineShop's public or private Services Exchange allow customers to subscribe to thousands of unique, managed API-centric services regardless of whether they are developed by MachineShop, its customers, or other third parties.

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