BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jun 16, 2015) - Verilume, led by a team of former executives from Goldman Sachs, EMC Corporation and Rackspace, launched its first offering today, a comprehensive suite of software that enables enterprise IT professionals to respond quickly to growing business demand for innovative cloud services in the enterprise. Verilume's initial offering allows companies to quickly and easily deploy Verilume Clouds with OpenStack or Hadoop data analytics environments in minutes without experts. Verilume provides access to these new, on-demand environments through a SaaS experience. Built with a focus on dramatically improving user productivity, the new offering is based on three core components.

Verilume Cloud Builder provides push-button deployment of analytics and cloud services using existing, idle resources or new resources. The backbone of the Verilume software suite, Cloud Builder dynamically architects and automates the deployment of these new services at any scale. Cloud Builder instantiates clouds using OpenStack services, establishes secure networking and builds a software-defined storage platform for the environment without requiring multi-discipline user expertise. These new services are created with a user-defined schedule either for the long term or for specific short term projects that require a burst of resources. Cloud Builder positions the IT organization to dynamically broker resources based on business demand.

Verilume Forecaster enables near term capacity optimization by applying machine learning techniques to customer performance data. Forecaster creates recommendations for upcoming resource utilization needs. Combined with Cloud Builder, IT can identify and harvest underutilized assets and transform them into productive cloud services.

Finally, the Verilume Cloud Service completes the solution by providing users a single place to access these new analytics and cloud services. Developers, data scientists and other users have visibility to all resources available independent of where they reside or what form they are in. These users can provision new infrastructure in the form of virtual machines and storage or new Hadoop clusters.

The new Verilume solution features:

  • Dynamic scheduling. New environments are deployed according to a schedule defined by the infrastructure owner. For example, an analytics environment can be created for a weekend, a month, or forever.
  • Consumer enablement. Technical users and developers have access to a single, unified SaaS interface to view and select resources available to them. These resources can include multiple infrastructures across different locations and service types.
  • Full utilization of infrastructure. New environments can be deployed on existing, idle resources and on new hardware investments.
  • Data-driven insight. IT managers are given a complete picture of their infrastructure, allowing them to get the most of existing resources by collecting performance data and forecasting future use via statistical and machine learning methods.
  • Automated deployment. Deploy analytics and cloud services that run across tens to hundreds of resources with a single click and without the need for experts.

"Enterprise IT leaders consistently express the need to deliver an agile infrastructure that can support all types of applications, provide appropriate security, and efficiently leverage their large infrastructure investments, which are notoriously underutilized. Verilume's first release targets a specific set of customer pain points while demonstrating a revolutionary IT delivery model that is dynamic, automated and secure," said Mike Feinberg, Verilume Founder.

"Verilume brought us some of the most disruptive and innovative technology we have seen," said Chad Brisendine, Chief Information Officer, St. Luke's University Health Network. "As a nationally recognized health network, we have an ever-growing opportunity to expand our big data analytics to deliver better patient care, improved operational efficiency, and ultimately better financial performance. Verilume will enable us to dynamically harness existing computing power in off-peak times and create an analytics environment dramatically larger than would have been reasonable if we were building a dedicated environment."

"A significant percentage of innovation in data center services over the last decade has happened in the cloud, and Verilume is bringing some of that innovation back inside the enterprise," said William Fellows, Research Vice President at 451 Research. "Verilume aims to empower IT leaders to deploy next-generation applications and workloads without the hassle, and use spare capacity within existing infrastructure to run the 'right job in the right place.' In other words, it's a best execution venue tool."

Learn more about how Verilume can help IT leaders increase agility and save money. Visit or call +1-617-500-1900 for more information.

About Verilume

Verilume eliminates the complexity of deploying innovative cloud services across clusters of commodity servers, giving IT leaders the agility to provide business users the services they need when they need them. Verilume's suite of software for the enterprise allows IT managers to rapidly and securely deploy new cloud services to meet the growing demand for analytics and related business applications. New applications can easily be deployed across existing or new hardware with confidence. For more information, visit, call +1-617-500-1900, or follow the company on Twitter at @Verilume.

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