SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 17, 2015) - ToutApp, the sales platform that helps salespeople close more deals through advanced email tracking, templates and analytics, today announced the launch of Tout Command Center. Available through the ToutApp platform, Command Center is a multi-touch sales outreach management tool, simplifying complex drip campaigns by providing sales reps with a single, centralized dashboard to control, monitor and evaluate every step. Multi-touch sales processes are increasingly critical for closing deals. ToutApp's new Command Center streamlines the process entirely. 

"Tout Command Center helps sales development representatives and closers operate and manage multi-touch automated drip campaigns with the click of a button," said Tawheed (TK) Kader, Founder and CEO of ToutApp. "This is especially useful in the multi-channel era, with infinite touches now possible for potential or engaged prospects. With Command Center, all of these touches can be handled, checked and valued through one dashboard, making it easier to incorporate as many interactions as needed without an overwhelming management process."

Today, sales cycles are longer than ever, having increased by 24 percent.* As a result, multi-touch outreach has become necessary to maintain prospect interest over time, with companies that have adopted drip campaigns cutting time to close by 23 percent.** However, the number of touches required to close a deal can be overwhelming, ranging from five to more than 30.*** This makes it challenging for sales reps to manage existing steps or to add additional ones. Factor in monitoring and evaluation of each interaction, and the overall management of a drip workflow is so convoluted and time-consuming that sales reps can be prevented from having actual conversations with prospects that close deals and drive revenue.

Tout Command Center streamlines the entire process, displaying all aspects of a campaign in a centralized location and giving reps the ability to manage multi-touch campaigns more efficiently and effectively. With Command Center, salespeople can oversee outreach workflows and tasks, identify the most engaged leads, and follow up seamlessly via email or phone from one view. Tout Command Center also automatically synchronizes Salesforce Tasks with Tout Tasks, displaying them in Command Center and eliminating the need to switch between programs. 

"Our solutions are designed to empower salespeople and make them more efficient so they can close more deals," said Kader. "As multi-touch campaigns become more important and, at the same time, more challenging to manage, Tout Command Center will be table stakes for salespeople everywhere."

Tout Command Center is ToutApp's third major product launch in the last month, following Sales Beat, its collaboration tool for sales teams. In April, ToutApp also debuted Tout Connect, the company's first-ever API, allowing any third-party application with customer or prospect contact data to embed ToutApp's features and functionality directly into their offering. ToutApp recently secured $15 million in Series B funding led by Andreessen Horowitz.

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ToutApp builds software that helps salespeople close deals faster with the power of email tracking, templates and analytics. Founded in 2011, ToutApp has more than 100,000 salespeople using its platform, with over 400 enterprise customers including Atlassian, Dropbox, Optimizely, Namely and more.

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Market2Lead, Customer Research Report, 2010
***Zift Solutions, "3 Steps to Successful Channel Partner Marketing," 2013

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