LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - June 18, 2015) - Google has time-and-again proven itself to be successful at attracting and, perhaps more importantly, retaining talent, by treating its staff like human beings but basing its HR decisions on data. Now, companies worldwide are imitating this model in the hope that they, like Google, will bring in the best hires. Could it be that the future of HR lies in data and analytics? A new European CEO report looks at just that, and asks whether HR can still retain the human element, once it's left to computers to decide.

Google was this year named the world's number one employer, for the sixth year in a row, underlining its status as the ultimate talent magnet. "Google has achieved this remarkable feat by transforming conventions in recruitment and management", according to the European CEO report. With two million people putting in for 5,000 vacancies each year, Google's own HR algorithm makes predictions about which candidates have the greatest odds of succeeding.

"The mere ability to see a pattern often gives enough confidence and accuracy to make better HR decisions", says Laurence Collins, Director of HR and Workforce Analytics at Deloitte, in the European CEO report.

This scientific approach represents a new frontier for HR, and one that can boost both growth and profits. Analytical and data-driven methods reduce the margin for error, and, if applied elsewhere, could pave the way for a whole new way of understanding HR.

To read more about Google's recruitment strategies and about the future of HR, read the new issue of European CEO, available in print and online now.

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