DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Jun 18, 2015) - Ello, the beautiful and ad-free social network, announces the release of its new app, now available for free download at the App Store. The app showcases dozens of new features while allowing users to access and engage with the social network directly from an iPhone or iPad. With this launch, Ello reaches core parity with competitor networks. Ello's Android & Windows apps will launch later this summer.

"With millions of people using Ello on the web, our new mobile app is a game changer. Now you can use Ello any place, any time," said Ello Co-Founder & CEO Paul Budnitz. "The new app is beautiful with dozens of unique features. With so much positivity on Ello, and with awareness of the negative effects of ads and data collection by other networks coming to the forefront of the news, the timing of our app release couldn't be better."

This new app launch comes directly following Ello's end to its invitation-only policy, opening up the network to anybody who wishes to join -- and that prefers the beauty, positivity, and transparency of Ello to other major networks that treat their users as products, and exist primarily to collect user data and show ads.

Along with the mobile app, Ello continues to release new features and services that greatly enhance the Ello user experience. Upgrades such as new ways to find your friends, full search, real-time alerts, private messaging, private groups and "Loves" are just a few of the latest functionalities that have rolled out or will be rolling out this summer. Ello's new "Loves" feature showcases the network's positive community while also acting as a unique content aggregator and bookmarking feature that pulls any posted "Loves" into a unique stream, allowing users to save and collect content.

The app also offers users the ability to activate push notifications and alerts, notifying users of new comments, reposts, "Loves," and new followers. The upgraded "Discovery" feature, also unique to Ello, gives users a feed of original content that is handpicked by Ello's creators. Ello has also added a new address book import feature, which allows community members to more easily find their friends on Ello. User safety and privacy continues to remain a top priority for Ello. The platform upgrades include advanced safety features such as allowing users to mute, block and flag other users.

While Ello continues to progress and expand, it remains committed to the core values on which it was founded. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Ello does not and will never serve ads or sell users' personal data to third parties. All content posted on Ello is 100% organic and never manipulated by algorithms that favor advertisers or paid content. Ello continues to be the only social network where sharing, privacy and acceptance of all users remain paramount.

For these reasons and more, Ello is a favorite among non-profit businesses, organizations and individuals that want to market to their followers without paying for reach. Ello's core user base includes a wide array of creative communities including artists, digital innovators, activists, writers, photographers, chefs, coders and more.

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