Sports Nutrition-Lifestyle Brand, Cellucor, Launches Two 'Xtreme' Supplements: Super HD Xtreme and Alpha Amino Xtreme

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, June 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alpha Amino Xtreme™ and Super HD Xtreme™ are the new additions to Cellucor's Fourth Generation of supplements. As their names suggest, they are extreme versions of Cellucor's Alpha Amino and Super HD respectively. Alpha Amino Xtreme builds on the classic formula with new ingredients for energy, while Super HD Xtreme contains clinically studied ingredients for mood support and energy.

About Alpha Amino Xtreme and Super HD Xtreme

Alpha Amino Xtreme has an Xtreme™ Blend that sets it apart from the original formula. This blend is highlighted by Caffeine and XCELICOR™ to help promote energy. Alpha Amino Xtreme features 14 amino acids harnessed in an Alpha-Amino Complex and an Alpha-BCAA™ Matrix. The new product also contains Chia Seed extract, Raw Coconut Concentrate and HydroMax® in its Alpha-Hydration Formula.

Super HD Xtreme's formula features a blend of ingredients, including the patented, clinically studied Zembrin®, to support a healthy mood. Caffeine, XCELICOR and TeaCor™ are also present in the blend to help increase energy.

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About Cellucor

Cellucor is a premium sports nutrition and lifestyle brand that has built its reputation on getting results. Cellucor offers a range of supplements for muscle growth, weight loss, performance and recovery. Cellucor's mission is to create and inspire, by providing high-quality products and knowledge to help people achieve their fitness goals.


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