IRVING, TX--(Marketwired - June 19, 2015) - EPIC Aviation LLC, a leading fuel supplier to the general and commercial aviation industries, is playing a role in increasing the availability and acceptance of "green diesel" blends used in jet aviation. In its continuing efforts to make green diesel -- also known as "renewable diesel" -- an alternative to petroleum-based jet fuel, EPIC provided technical and logistical support to enable green diesel use in Boeing's ecoDemonstrator 757, which is evaluating new technologies to improve commercial aviation's efficiency, reduce noise and carbon emissions.

For a demonstration flight by the Boeing ecoDemonstrator 757, EPIC transported biofuel produced by Diamond Green Diesel, a refiner in the Gulf Coast region, to Boeing Field in Seattle, WA (KBFI) for blending and storage. With oversight by EPIC and Boeing, a blend of 5 percent green diesel underwent rigorous testing at an ASTM-approved laboratory, met all required specifications for ASTM 1655 jet fuel and was cleared for flight on the ecoDemonstrator 757 for static ground testing and flight testing. The 757 flew from Seattle to Hampton, Virginia, on June 17 for an event with NASA employees involved with other technologies tested on the airplane.

"In addition to demonstrating the advantages of using a renewable diesel blend to improve aviation's environmental sustainability, Boeing's ecoDemonstrator program has enabled EPIC to showcase our proficiency in bio and renewable fuels," said Kai Sorenson, EPIC Commercial Aviation Bio Fuel manager.

Through this and other similar programs, EPIC has gained unique experience and insight of how the green diesel interacts with fossil jet fuels. Specifically in this instance, working with HRD and ASTM test procedures to provide highly accurate representation of the blended fuel. This experience is a key factor in being able to prove the blended fuel will meet ASTM 1655 jet fuel standards going forward.

"EPIC is committed to applying its expertise and knowledge of stringent technical fuel standards in every project we undertake. Whether we're partnering with Boeing on ground-breaking projects to demonstrate the feasibility of green diesel blends, or simply ensuring our EPIC and UVair FBO Networks have high-quality fuels," said Sorenson.

Previously, in December 2014, EPIC similarly supported Boeing's first-ever flights using a green diesel blend during the ecoDemonstrator 787 flight test program.

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